Habitat Management: Creating and Managing Woodland Glades and Rides

By George Griffiths On my first day working at Nicholsons, I asked a member of the Arb team what we were going to be doing. The reply I received was, “Cutting up trees and putting them through a chipper!” This highly skilled and professional team do so much more than just this simple sentence Read more »

Feng Shui – Tips For Garden And Landscape Design

By David Kurita-May A garden that has been designed using Feng Shui principles seeks to capture the environment’s natural rhythms and the spiritual equality between man and nature. Eastern culture recognises the oneness of all living things and how energy, or chi, needs to flow smoothly, both through our surroundings and through ourselves. Read more »

Trees in The Wild

Nicholsons are very active in supporting The Trees in The Wild program, based in the Maasai Mara region of Kenya. The programme forms part of the Enonkishu Conservancy, whose vision is one of culturally relevant and community-led conservation. Trees in the Wild is an ecological restoration project aimed at restoring degraded land within the Read more »