Shrubs From Our Childhoods: A Trip Down Memory Lane

By Lorraine Spooner It is amazing how our human minds work. Our memories can be sparked by little things that trigger our childhood past, evoke a special moment in our lives and transport us back in time, through sensory perception of sight, smell or touch. Using my Nicholsons’ colleagues as Read more »


Screening Trees: Options for Towns and Cities Part 2

By Lorraine Spooner In Part 1 of this blog last week, I looked at pleached screens in various species as an ‘instant impact’ solution.  In Part 2, I am focussing on standard ornamental trees for screening different parts of your garden, whether it is a boundary between neighbours to create more Read more »


Screening Trees: Options for Towns and Cities

By Lorraine Spooner This week we are looking at options for screening trees for urban planting, focussing on pleached screens. This is a two-part blog, Part 2 next week, will detail options for screening with standard ornamental trees. Careful research into choice of species is important when selecting plants for this Read more »


Structure Trees with Edible Fruit (Part 2)

By Lorraine Spooner With the winter season offering the perfect opportunity to re-assess your garden without spring and summer foliage, I discussed last week how fruit trees can be used to create interesting structure in a garden setting.  In part 1, which you can read here, archways and the different use of trained forms Read more »


Structure Trees with Edible Fruit (Part 1)

By Lorraine Spooner Winter is the perfect season to re-assess the garden when the bare bones of its structure are revealed, without spring or summer enhancement in the form of foliage and flowers. The tracery of beautiful branches is silhouetted against the winter sun and the still, frosty atmosphere brings an ethereal quality to Read more »