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Attracting Wildlife into your Garden

By Lorraine Spooner As the garden continues to wake up from its winter slumber, wildlife ventures out from hibernation, birds begin to build their nests and pollinating insects are seeking out those early nectar-rich spring flowers.  This is the time to consider planting native trees to increase the biodiversity within your plot and maintain Read more »


Paradise – A Garden Design Case Study

Deriving from the Persian, pairi-daeza, (or paradise) literally means “around walls”. Since the very origins of civilisation, the gardens created in these enclosed spaces have been regarded as places of refuge, beauty & meditation. Today, the desire to escape the demands of modern life and to renew our energy is stronger than ever and Read more »


All in the detail: Decorating your garden this Winter

It's all in the detail... When we think about winter gardening and how to make the garden look better we tend to focus on the plants and the border structure, which is clearly the most sensible way forward… however what if we think outside the box? Whether you already have the structure and the winter Read more »


The Naughty Side of Garden Design

Another week and another garden plan with details bearing a striking resemblance to reproductive organs… male, female, internal and external.   Either designers’ have subconsciously fertile minds, or there’s a little bit of nudge-nudge wink-wink going on… Will anyone notice?  Will anyone dare comment?  Even the great gardens of the land are not immune to Read more »

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