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Wicken Wood is located in both Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire, approximately 3 miles west of Deanshanger, 7 miles north of Buckingham and 7 miles east of Silverstone. The A43, A413, A422 and A5 provides excellent communications to the woodlands. Minor roads, estate tracks and rides also facilitate access to and through the estate.

The woodland is set in a predominantly arable landscape. The woodlands provide structural and ecological diversity within this area; and are of high importance in this landscape. The woodlands are part of the Whittlebury SSSI complex although have no SSSI designation themselves.

The woodlands are primarily deciduous and can be divided into three categories; Mixed broadleaves and conifers, mixed broadleaves and conifers with mixed broadleaves. The ride network when under management could offer up to 15ha of open space. Circa 52 ha or 68% of the woodland is classified as ancient semi natural woodland; (ASNW) while 32 ha or 32% is planted ancient woodland; (PAWS).

Unfortunately, ash dieback is present in many areas of the woods and will be a driver in how the woodland will be managed in the future.

The woodlands are generally level with heights above sea level (ASL) at around 100-120m ASL.

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Wicken Wood: Case Study

Initial assessment Following an instruction to assess the woodland and create an interim 5 year and budget Nicholsons were instructed to proceed with the creation of a Woodland Management Plan. The Planning Stage Grants are available for the compilation of the  Woodland Management Plan. Each area of woodland was walked and assessed and described in detail with a proposed treatment. The Woodland Management Plan is compiled using a standard Forestry CommissionRead more »

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Wicken Wood: General Comments on the Woodland

The woodlands have been neglected over the past years; (25+) and the structure does pose some interesting questions. The younger plantings are around 20 years old in addition some 30-year-old plantations are also present. A considerable amount of oak was planted in the early 50’s with only remnants left of this age group. Mature trees are all but absent from the wood. It is likely that the woodRead more »

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