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Our Plant Centre is fully stocked with an extensive range of topiary, herbaceous, trees and hedging. We have experienced horticulturalists on site who can provide advice for planting, screening, species choice and more. We also offer a Consultancy Service. This means that we can visit your site and offer full information on what we recommend. Please contact us for more information or to enquire about our stock availability.

We offer trees in containers, root-stocks or bare root form. We have many different styles including…stepovers, dwarf, half standard, mature specimen, bush and fan trained.

We stock both evergreen and deciduous hedging. Our hedging plants are sold in bare root form (meaning they have high potential to mature) or as container grown plants.

We focus on our ornamental trees being flowering trees, trees with interesting bark/foliage or trees with attractive fruit. We stock in a variety of sizes from 12L to 35L.

A large variety of trees perfect for landscape gardeners, these are the perfect type for creating a focal point. Nicholsons pride themselves on quality and a good selection.

We have a large range of topiary trained and pruned into a variety of shapes. These include anything from classic ball and cone shapes to more unusual pom poms and spirals.

We have the widest range of high-quality Screening Plants in the area, including pleaches and screens, stilted hedging and hedging, and individual trees.

Our range of multi-stem trees includes varieties of Acer, Betula and Prunus to name a few. These trees have a stunning structure.

Our variety of climbers range from 2L to 35L. Some of these are grown on a trellis frame so they already have some structure.

We stock a large variety of shrubs from 2L to 50L. Our range of shrubs offers you a number of options as the focal point of your garden.

Pop in to see our colourful range of herbaceous plants. Our range is very seasonal and availability changes regularly, so please either contact our office or visit us to see the stock and speak to an expert’

Bulk prices now available for orders of 150+ whips and retail prices for reduced quantities.

Pop in to see our beautiful array of Roses. Our range is very seasonal and availability changes regularly, so please either contact our office or visit us to see the stock and speak to an expert’


Our horticultural experts are on hand to help you choose your plants. If you don’t know where to start, book a free consultation. One of our consultants will be in touch via email to confirm the appointment and request any photographs or drawings of the site. The more we know about your project, the better. They will call you, or meet you in our shop and you will get up to an hour to talk through your ideas, taking into account your space, light and soil.

Plant Centre Stock

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We have a large variety of sundries; including bark, compost, fertilisers, soil conditioners, fencing materials, irrigation parts, stakes, rails and tree protection.