The Diversified Woodland

The Diversified Woodland Set in south Oxfordshire, this particular suite of woodlands owe their management to the fact they draw in an income stream not just from a firewood business, but also from a training provider of bushcraft courses. Diversification is as much the ethos for the farm as it is the woodlands - which are partially Ancient and partially naturalised. They are also used for Read more »

The Woodland Burial Site

The Woodland Burial Site Set on an area of neglected grassland, this site has been transformed into a natural burials arboretum. Designed by Nicholsons, the site is set out around a central pathway, with sweeping tree lines, avenues of mature oaks and maple, grassy glades, and themed areas of woodland with native shrubs surrounding them. Created over a cold winter, the entire site was carefully Read more »

The Ash Woodland

The Ash Woodland Ash grows almost everywhere, and in this situation  a five hectare woodland emerged from Ash regeneration over a period of 120 years. Now in maturity, it reached a point of high risk, not just because of its even age – but also a lack of species diversity. This would have been the situation regardless of whether Ash Dieback was on the scene, but Read more »

The Woodfuel System

The Woodfuel System A West Oxfordshire Estate installed a 900kw wood chip boiler to heat the stately home and surrounding tenanted properties. The boiler has an annual consumption of 800 cubic metres of sawn timber, converted into wood chip. The majority of this timber is sourced from low value conifer thinnings taken out in felling operations on the surrounding sister Estate -  managed by Nicholsons. Whilst Read more »

The Orchard Fence

The Orchard Fence This bespoke fence was installed around an organic orchard in South Oxfordshire. The orchard forms a natural extension to vegetable garden and restaurant business, and Nicholsons originally installed deer and stock fencing to protect the orchard site before planting. The fencing timbers were designed and commissioned by the client with a specific requirement that people walking party would be able to relax and Read more »

The Solar Farm

The Solar Farm Solar farms have become a part of a modern agricultural landscape. This particular solar farm was situated at the top of a hill adjacent to an active airfield. It required a 4 kilometre surround of native hedging with some mature tree standards planted in a more exposed locations to disguise the installation. A key aspect of the design was to keep berrying plants Read more »

The Innaccessible Woodland

The Inaccessible Woodland This 17 ha woodland is set on heavy clay soils in North Buckinghamshire. A beautiful ancient woodland with an owner whose heart is in its management, diversifying its use and sharing the site with the community - the priority had to be improving  access. The wet clay throughout much of year completely restricted any vehicle access into the woodland , and hence Read more »

The Coppice Woodland

The Coppice Woodland This ancient woodland situated in West Oxfordshire is also designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest. It relates in part to its structure of Oak standards with a Hazel understory. The woodland was predominantly used for game rearing but without ongoing management had become colder as the Hazel had become overstood and become suppressed by the Oak canopy. Nicholsons secured grant aid Read more »