The Diversified Woodland

Set in south Oxfordshire, this particular suite of woodlands owe their management to the fact they draw in an income stream not just from a firewood business, but also from a training provider of bushcraft courses.

Diversification is as much the ethos for the farm as it is the woodlands – which are partially Ancient and partially naturalised. They are also used for shooting and deer stalking and more recently planning permission has been secured for basic camping facilities in one of them –  which should allow excellent opportunity for wildlife watching and photography. They have also been used to trial the rearing of young cattle, and may well be used for a trial in rearing pigs. The Bushcraft Courses are partially run in woodland Site of Special Scientific Interest, and as such, the ground impact is independently monitored on an annual basis to ensure the site is not irreversibly damaged.

The woods have undergone a significant amount of thinning and coppicing in the past 10 years, as well as access improvements supported under recent grant schemes. An updated Woodland Management Plan now sets them up for the following 10 years management.