The Woodland Burial Site

Set on an area of neglected grassland, this site has been transformed into a natural burials arboretum. Designed by Nicholsons, the site is set out around a central pathway, with sweeping tree lines, avenues of mature oaks and maple, grassy glades, and themed areas of woodland with native shrubs surrounding them.

Created over a cold winter, the entire site was carefully set out using GPS markers, and planted thereafter. The trees and shrubs on site are a selection of mature standards, smaller container grown plants, and bare-root plants to give eye-catching moments, and an immediate sense of structure.

Now three years old, with all the pathways completed in local stone and with a beautiful timber-clad roundhouse constructed to receive visitors, the site has taken on a peaceful and welcoming character.

This work was undertaken at Weaveley Arboretum.