Wicken Wood: Case Study

Initial assessment

Following an instruction to assess the woodland and create an interim 5 year and budget Nicholsons were instructed to proceed with the creation of a Woodland Management Plan.

Wicken Wood: Case Study

The Planning Stage

Grants are available for the compilation of the  Woodland Management Plan. Each area of woodland was walked and assessed and described in detail with a proposed treatment.

The Woodland Management Plan is compiled using a standard Forestry Commission template. During the planning process, significant investigations are carried out to ascertain, for example,  any land designations and environmental considerations. Wicken wood is primarily Ancient and Semi-Natural Woodland and a Planted Ancient Woodland Site. Mapping of the woodland is essential.

The main discovery within Wicken wood was that it had been very neglected for many years; this was a ‘’woodland restoration project’’

The Restoration Begins

Following approval of the Woodland Management Plan; budgets were compiled and with full approval form the client the work could begin.

Rides and ride sides

The rides were in a dreadful state and almost impassable. The first job was to open the rides up with both machinery and men with chainsaws. This would facilitate enhanced access and create an enhanced habitat for wildlife

Wicken Wood: Case Study
Wicken Wood: Case Study