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The best trees and hedges in the country

Nicholsons is proud to grow and offer some of the best hedging in the country. We sell evergreen hedges and deciduous hedges in all sizes, from bare root plants 30 to 60 cm high to mature fully formed hedges and screens 3m high. Our 20+ acres of nursery are put to good use growing hedging plants, among other species.  For contact details and opening hours see here.

Bare Root Hedging Plants

Our bare root hedging is available for sale and to plant from November to March.  The lifting season starts after the first couple of hard frosts.

We stock many different varieties of native bare root hedging plants. Although bare root plants are only available and able to be planted when dormant between November to March, we sell thousands to people planting woodlands, shelter belts and hedgerows. It is much cheaper than using container grown shrubs, and they establish well with good maintenance and protection from rabbit, vole and deer damage.

Container Grown Deciduous Hedging

Deciduous hedging is available for planting all year round. We stock several sizes of deciduous hedging plants-all make a great dense twiggy hedge which although they lose their leaves over winter offer a surprisingly good screening option. Most of the species we stock are great for wildlife and many have seasonal interest in the stems, fruit, flowers and leaves throughout the year.

Container Grown Evergreen Hedging

This type of hedging is available for planting all year round. Nicholsons has a huge range of species and sizes of container grown hedging from 2 litre pots of Quercus ilex (Holm oak) to large specimen laurels (Prunus lusitanica) up to 3m tall.

Our established range of mature hedging is becoming increasingly popular for projects that require instant impact. It is perfect for garden fencing, privacy screens and hedges.

Expert Hedging Advice

We have years of experience of planting and growing hedges and are happy to advise on mix of species for native hedgerows and choice of hedge for any situation. We are unique in that we will supply the plants and also plant them for you if you wish. We are experts in knowing the right spacing for each type and size of hedge plant and can advise on the best screening solution for your budget and timescale.

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If you cannot find the right hedging, or just need advice, please do feel free to come and talk to our trained horticulturalists.