Why Nicholsons?

Nicholsons aim to be competitive, but not at the expense of quality, professionalism or safety. Our key performance indicators reflect the importance of connecting with our employees, clients and friends in the industry. By working together and co-operating selflessly, greater progress can be made towards providing excellence whilst tackling the climate crisis.

Our values are shown to the right. If these are important to you too, then Nicholsons are the right company for your project.

Integrity – our business is sound, honest and moral
Partnership – we enjoy working with clients to achieve the best results
Creativity – inventive and original ideas for every project
Efficiency – less fuss, more action
Enthusiasm – we love what we do
Positive approach – we think solutions not problems
Passion for our planet— we are all responsible

Who We Work For

“The design process was personally managed by Liz Nicholson who we found to be creative, straight-talking, a good listener, pragmatic, and balanced in her challenge of our pre-conceived ideas. The visuals that were produced were of a high standard and greatly assisted us in envisaging the end-product. The agreed design was effective in addressing the primary objectives that we had set out before the start of the project.