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Woodland Management

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Nicholsons Service – Woodland Management

Woodland management is essential in both the establishment and continuing development of healthy, productive woodlands. Correctly undertaken, management will secure the desired environmental benefits, as well as timber potential. Woodland management should be considered from the day a wood is planted.

Beyond timber, management can help woodlands recover or increase their biodiversity interest, protect and secure archaeological features in woodlands, improve landscapes & water quality, sequester carbon, and increase the enjoyment of the woodland for recreational and sporting activities.

The programme of works is guided by a management plan, and for mature woodlands this is generally focused around woodland thinning, coppicing and felling operations.

For young or replanted areas of woodland, operations can include weeding, grass cutting, replacement planting of failures, pruning and tree guard removal.

Nicholsons Forestry can prepare woodland management plans, advise on best practice, and implement management works which adhere to the UK Forestry Standard.

Woodland Management
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Woodland Management
Woodland Management
Woodland Planning Documents Latest Versions
Woodland Grants for Farmers & Landowners Last Updated Nov. 2015. Download here.
Woodlands for Recreation Last Updated Nov. 2015. Download here.
Woodlands for Poultry Last Updated Nov. 2015. Download here.
Silvopastoral Woodlands Last Updated Nov. 2015. Download here.
Woodlands for Water Last Updated Nov. 2015. Download here.

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