Back to Our Roots: An Important Announcement

At Nicholsons we are very fortunate in that we have been able to continue our core business throughout the pandemic but, like everyone, we have also had time to reflect and reconsider our purpose.

Our company ambition is clear – to plant trees at scale to mitigate Climate Change and work towards Net Zero, and to offer Plants, Forestry and Landscapes with a core focus on sustainability.

In line with this ambition, our business is expanding rapidly, and we have outgrown our resources of nursery production, car parking and office space at The Park, North Aston.

At the end of July, we will be restructuring the business to accommodate business growth as follows:

Our Plant Centre has been awarded Plant Healthy Certification, an international standard to protect our ecosystems against destructive pests and diseases. This is significant progress marking us as industry leaders in the field and has encouraged us to focus on our expanding plant sales. All customers are invited to come in and select from our broad range and receive expert advice from our onsite trained horticulturalists.

From the 2nd August

The shop will no longer be selling gifts and interiors but will make way for space to meet with clients for complimentary horticultural consultations – an essential part of our offer. We will continue to stock essential sundries.

The Yurt is refining its offer to restaurant service only, offering breakfast, lunch, and Frankie’s exquisite afternoon tea BY BOOKING ONLY.  Enrico and the team will provide locally sourced, seasonal, and innovative menus.

Please note that we will no longer be offering coffee and cake.

Rosara will continue to offer our curated outdoor garden furniture via our website and our existing warehouse, Monday to Friday and by appointment, Saturday.

Christmas – In our strive for sustainability, we regret we will no longer be hosting the Christmas Fair and will not be selling Christmas trees….but we are working on a plan…more later.

Our Offer:

To put this development in context; Oxfordshire aims to plant 23,000 hectares of woodlands by 2050. Despite being the leading forestry company in the county, Nicholsons only planted 50 hectares of woodlands last year. You can see the scale of the endeavour and our need to focus on the solution. Our nursery grows excellent quality trees in peat free compost, and our role as founders of the Forest Canopy Foundation will result is great opportunity for woodland creation.

We realise that our offer is significantly changing, and we hope to bring you along with us in supporting our developing focus – we have loved the positive interaction with our community and have been truly grateful for your encouragement and enthusiasm for our brand. This support has enabled us to reach for this next vital step and take our place in the important journey to Net Zero and beyond.

Thank you,

Liz, Niel and All the Team at Nicholsons