Woodland Creation: Morrisons Employs Tree Advisors to support UK Farmers and Net Zero Ambitions

Ongoing policy uncertainty, new government grants and rapidly evolving markets for the assets delivered by trees can make it complex to create and manage exemplary woodlands in today’s climate. Nicholsons recognise the need to assist landowners, land managers and farmers in achieving their tree planting ambitions.

Through new engagement projects, we can provide fully funded forestry advice to support those in need. As member of the Forest Canopy Foundation (FCF), we are proud to be helping Morrisons farm suppliers with the establishment of trees and woodland management in landscapes of food production across the UK. As a collective, the FCF have been providing professional forestry advice to Morrisons core group of ‘blueprint’ farms in 2022.

The project is now being rolled out across Morrisons’ network of 3000+ suppliers. Find out more about this project by following the Link below: