Woodland Creation Grant 2016 – Now Open For Applications

The Woodland Creation Grant application window is now open, with the deadline for submissions being the 31st of March 2016.

Targeting water quality concerns, flood mitigation and biodiversity benefits, the grant is the most generous we have seen, with a maximum level of support on offer of £6800 per hectare.

Applications tackling the water issues can be a minimum of 1 hectare in size, whereas those for the biodiversity targets (including the linking and buffering of native woodland types) must be a minimum of 3 hectares in size.

Further details on the minimum requirements can be found in our Woodland Creation Thresholds document.

How it operates

Whilst previous versions of woodland creation grants have been targeted and point scored, this scheme is different in that there is no flat rate for schemes. The grant offered to successful applicants is based on a per tree and protection basis, and so offers greater incentive for planting at higher densities. It is not a fixed payment per hectare.

Successful applicants will receive a payment of £1.28 per tree and standard costs for tree guards, stock and deer fencing. The result of this is that the grant can cover between 75 and 80% of costs in the right circumstances.

Additional support for the planting comes by means of the Woodland Creation Maintenance Payment. This is a sum of £200 per hectare, towards the upkeep of the site, including repairs, replacement planting and weeding – and quite importantly, the removal of tree guards by year 10. This option extends the contract from 5 to 10 years, and requires additional reporting back to Natural England as evidence of management.

Successful applicants will have two full years to complete and claim for their work from the beginning of their contract.

For more information feel welcome to contact the Forestry team on 01869 340 342 or forestry@nicholsonsgb.com.sites.public-internet.co.uk.

Colin Finlay has been managing and creating new woodlands with Nicholsons since 2010. With a background in biodiversity, and the more mundane sounding grants & regulations with the Forestry Commission, his natural incline is to make woodland management approachable and understandable. The enjoyment comes in supporting landowners; not just in terms of day to day management, but also making meaningful improvements to their woodlands through conservation and diversification projects.

Woodland Creation Grant 2016  - Now Open For Applications