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The Wonders of Wisteria

Spring has affirmed its arrival when the stunning blooms of Wisteria begin to unfurl and hang like fountains from their twining branches.

Wisterias are strong growing, hardy, deciduous climbers in the legume family, (Fabaceae), native to China, Japan and the Eastern United States.  The three most commonly grown species are Wisteria floribunda, sinensis and brachybotrys.  Producing their scented pea like flowers in late spring to early summer, there are many cultivars now available in shades of white, blue, purple and pink.  Ideal for growing through trees, over a pergola, against a wall or as a free standing specimen, they can reach a height of 10m with a spread of up to 20m.

Preferring a sunny position and well drained fertile soil, young plants will begin to flower within 3-4 years after planting, providing the correct pruning techniques have been adopted, which involves cutting back vigorous new growth in August and February to promote the formation of flowering shoots.

The Wisteria display at Nicholsons is stunning – from ready formed archways for ‘instant’ impact, to ‘umbrella’ trained specimens which show of the hanging sprays to great effect – the latter, the perfect solution for the smaller garden.

The Wonders of Wisteria

Schiro Kapitan Fuji

The Wonders of Wisteria


The Wonders of Wisteria


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The Wonders of Wisteria

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