Tesco ‘Bags of Help’ Initiative – A Guest Post

Our guest post today comes from Mike Saynor. Mike works for one of the community groups we support, Holt Copse Conservation Volunteers, who have heard they will be part of Tesco Bags of Help initiative, enabling local community groups to apply for the money levied from the 5p carrier bag charge.

We will let him explain more:

“I belong to a conservation group, Holt Copse Conservation Volunteers (HCCV)  that manages Holt Copse, a 7.5 acre wood in Wokingham that is used and enjoyed by many of the townsfolk.  HCCV is one of three organisations that Tesco has chosen to support in this area with their ‘Bags of Help’ initiative funded by the 5p levy on carrier bags.  Up until Sunday the 6th of March, Tesco customers will be invited to vote for their preferred project, to decide which one gets £8,000, £10,000 or £12,000, vast sums for our little group!

Holt Copse is a delightful wood, but the paths get VERY muddy (as shown in the image below) which makes it virtually impossible for many people (e.g. pedestrians, mothers with pushchairs, disabled folk with mobility scooters and the elderly) to enjoy the wood for much of the year, so we plan to improve the paths.   We will be able to improve the main and one secondary path with £8,000, but could improve more secondary ones if we came first or second.

I hope you will think ours is a worthwhile project so you will vote for us which would be wonderful.  You will be able to vote in Tesco in Wokingham and many large and small stores in various parts of Reading until 6th March, so if you have friends who live there please tell them about us.

Nicholsons have kindly invited me to write the occasional blog about what we (HCCV) do, I’m looking forward to doing this and I hope that at least some of it will be of interest!   If it might be and you would like to know more about what HCCV do please visit our website – www.hccv.org.uk”

The images below highlight some of the current issues with the pathways in Holt Copse:

Tesco 'Bags of Help' Initiative - A Guest Post
Tesco 'Bags of Help' Initiative - A Guest Post

Holt Copse footpath November 2015

Tesco 'Bags of Help' Initiative - A Guest Post