At Nicholsons, we are deeply committed to our core values and the strength of teamwork. We prioritise creating a supportive and encouraging environment for every member of our team, ensuring their enjoyment and fulfillment in their work. This extends beyond our daily operations to encompass our commitment to environmental and community action, aimed at improving the quality of life both locally and globally.

As a business, we have set high environmental standards and have made significant strides in achieving our goals across various areas. Recognising the importance of natural resources, which we work with on a daily basis, we strive to be as environmentally conscious as possible. We actively stay updated on evolving technologies and consider education a vital aspect of community development. Our support for Forest Schools and other projects enables children to further their development within educational settings.

Sharing knowledge is a core value at Nicholsons, which is why we actively participate in projects that align with our expertise. In an increasingly complex world, having clear aims and aspirations is essential, and as a team, we are motivated to achieve them. By upholding our environmental aims, supporting our community, and fostering a culture of continuous learning, we are dedicated to making a positive impact and driving positive change.

Our Environment

What we do for the environment

  • We have developed a bespoke Ecology Rating Award (ERA) that allows us to evaluate our customers projects based on their environmental credentials
  • In the last 20 years we have helped plant over 10 million trees and shrubs
  • We recycle all of our water, upwards of 10,000m3/pa
  • We recycle 95% of all our waste
  • We source UK plants where possible to minimise our imports from the continent
  • Our pots are recycled
  • Our bagged compost is now peat-free and we have reduced our peat usage on the nursery
  • We recycle 100% of wood and green waste
  • We have a biomass boiler that produces all of our heat and hot water for our offices

Our ERA award focusses on four levels; Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. We have developed an in-house rating scheme that allows us to decide which award a garden deserves. We aim for a Bronze Award as a standard for all gardens that we build/design.

Our Community

Our community efforts include

  • Building and supporting new and existing Forest School projects, including:
    • Pegasus First School, 2009 Wild Area, 2010 Allotments, 2011 Social Play Area
    • Rose Hill School, 2016
    • Westfield School, 2017
    • Dry Sandford, 2018
  • Setting up a tree nursery in Kenya with the potential for 60,000 seedlings per year
  • Building recreational areas for Community Centres
  • Donating trees and products to charitable causes

We collaborate with the Berkeley Reafforestation Trust to fund and build the Forest School projects. In addition to building the Forest School environments, we also support the schools by maintaining the environment after it has been built. This ensures longevity of the project and enables further development.

Our Values


Using our knowledge and imagination to create dedicated projects of beauty, originality and sustainability.


We work for our clients and associates with wholehearted commitment, enthusiasm and integrity.

Passion for our Planet

Our impact upon the planet is at the forefront in all we do and our work is undertaken with respect and consideration for the present and future health of the environment.