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Seasonal News

Rose Thoughts

By Johnathan Diaper As I write, this mild weather and sudden spring lends urgency to those winter and early spring jobs that are yet to do. Roses are beginning to shoot presumptuously. I like to have any rose pruning completed before they shoot into life, feeling that the plant’s energy is wasted if the fresh green shoots are destined only to be cut out. Roses are tough old darlings though, so don’t be afraid to prune Read more »

Tis the season… to burn wood?

By Dan Lazarou-West People sometimes ask me at parties, (yes, I still get invited to parties) which is the best type of wood to burn. And although, like many, I have a wood burning stove at home, I don’t always have a satisfactory answer to hand. At best people lose interest before I finish instilling them with the merits of one type of wood over another. However, the best piece of advice I can give is Read more »

Listening to Nature

By Liz Nicholson As I gaze at the climate change graph in the National Geographic, I realise how miniscule and irrelevant man's time on the planet is. The planet has a rhythm .... a beat that man can disrupt with the ensuing environmental issues that we all see today, but when all is said and done and man has exhausted his time, planet Earth will endure. In this context we should be less fearful of responding Read more »

Happy New Planting Year!

Our first newsletter of 2019 is about protecting your fruit trees from potential pests and fungal diseases, which could prove detrimental to flowering and fruiting potential later in the seasons. An accumulation of debris, dust, dirt and sticky substances naturally builds up over a tree’s life and it is this environment that provides the perfect habitat for overwintering pests to lay and secure their eggs. By controlling this potential insect infestation, you are Read more »

Harvest Time in Rural Oxfordshire: 5 local things to do

Harvest is in full-swing. The corn fields are full of golden stubble, forest paths are brimming with bright and fiery colours and crisp, crunchy apples are bursting from our trees. We want to help you make the most of it all, so, here are some ideas of how you can fill the upcoming weeks with some harvest celebration and fun.  Read more »