A friendly team on hand to assist with, and offer advice on, the planting of your order.

Nicholsons Supply and Plant Service

We offer a Supply and Plant service for our trees, hedging and other plants purchased from us. Larger jobs are handled our landscapes teams who cover our major landscaping projects.

For smaller jobs, down to planting single trees, please contact us on 01869 340342 or email us for a quote.

We will organise a date for the stock to be delivered and the person making the delivery will also be able to carry out the planting. He, she or they (depending on the size of the job) will have all the experience necessary for planting and will also be able to assist in decisions about positioning and aftercare.

Many people appreciate the reassurance that our Supply & Plant service offers. They can be confident that the tree they have purchased has been planted correctly and has the best possible chance of success. This is especially the case with the larger specimen trees that we supply.

Our supply and plant service charges are calculated on an hourly rate, from our yard, and we supply an estimate of the likely cost before we start. The current hourly rate up to 5 hours is £48.00 per man hour (inc VAT). If the job is between 6 and 8 hours then we will charge a day rate of £270 per person (inc VAT).

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