Avenue Management Plan

Client: Large Rural Estate

We were commissioned by a large rural estate to provide a detailed assessment of their most prominent avenue of mature trees. This survey would inform a bespoke management plan to ensure the longevity and long term sustainability of this significant feature of the grounds. As part of the brief, the estate required confirmation of compliance with its legal obligations as a landowner, to ensure that it was meeting its duty of care in respect of the interaction between people and trees.

In order to achieve the desired outcomes a baseline survey was conducted of all the trees within the avenue.
This was undertaken in accordance with industryAvenue Management Plan best practice and utilising 
Lockhart Garratt’s bespoke survey procedures. The instruction also required an assessment of the condition of a recently planted “succession” avenue.

Following the initial baseline survey a detailed management plan was developed. This provided a range of options for the management of the  various aspects of the avenue. The final recommendation was graphically illustrated through the adaptation of a series of photographs to provide a visual aid to understanding the long term outcome of the proposed works. It illustrates the staged reduction of the mature trees, coupled with the anticipated growth of replacement specimens. This enabled the client to visualise the effects of the proposed management from both sides of the avenue without the need to conduct any works.

Avenue Management PlanThe avenue management plan proposed the removal and replacement of succession planting where the trees were in poor condition. It also provided a detailed timeline for the proposed management of the Avenue, over a period of 40 years, which would enable the works to be implemented efficiently. To supplement the timeline a Tree Avenue Plan, providing a bird’s eye view, was produced to enable easy identification of trees that required works.

This suite of documents has assisted the proactive management of the avenue and has started the process of ensuring the longevity of this key aesthetic treescape.