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High quality fruit trees

Nicholsons have built an enviable reputation as a supplier of the highest quality fruit trees: we have been supplying fruit trees to private individuals, estates and businesses for over 25 years. We offer advice on which varieties will be compatible for pollination and which rootstocks will give the best sized tree for your garden or orchard. We stock fruit trees that not only give you a long life, but which produce consistently good crops of fruit with the best possible flavour.

Our Fruit Tree Range

Our fruit tree nursery stocks a range of fruit trees that is wider and more comprehensive than any of the local Garden Centres or nurseries and our prices are extremely competitive. Our extensive range of fruit trees includes all sizes from dwarf to half standard and through to large, mature specimen trees suitable for domestic gardens, orchards or country estates. We can supply our trees in containers, on various rootstocks or as bare root trees. We always stock the popular varieties of fruit tree including Apple trees, Plum trees, Pear trees, Peach and Nectarine trees, Cherry trees and many more.

We are also well known as a supplier of some of the more unusual fruit trees such as Medlar, Mulberry and Fig trees, for example. For our full range of fruit trees and current availability see prices and availability.

Trained Fruit

In addition to the fruit trees we also stock trained fruit in various forma such as step over apples, fantrained, espalier and cordon fruit trees. These are especially suited to training against a wall or for use as a dividing screen in the garden. Most of the fruit trees (top fruit) we sell are in the 12-25 litre size if container grown but we also stock soft fruit bushes and rhubarb.

How To Buy Our Fruit Trees

You can browse our extensive collection of fruit trees, espalier, fan trained and cordon fruit, and soft fruit at our Oxfordshire home and select your fruit trees.

Need Some Expert Knowledge?

Choosing which Fruit Tree to buy can be daunting. There are the various types of rootstock to consider, flowering time to ensure pollination, time of harvest and length of storage to name but a few of the decisions you need to make.

Here at Nicholsons we have fully trained staff to advise on all aspects of fruit selection growing, pruning and training.

Aftercare Of Your Fruit Trees

Having planted the fruit tree you need to consider aftercare and we can advise on this too – weed control, pruning, pests and diseases.


We have a wide range of trees and hedges in stock, if you would like to discuss an order, please contact us.

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