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Plant Price Lists & Availability

//Plant Price Lists & Availability
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Plant Price Lists and Availability

We grow thousands of high quality container-grown plants here in our Nursery.  See our availability guides here.  We source other specimens from suppliers we know, trust and regularly visit to ensure we only have the best plants available for sale.   Quality is important to us, and any plants we source are subject to rigorous quality control and health checks from trained horticulturalists.  We actively encourage you to visit and allow us to help you choose the right plant(s) for your requirements.  Why not enjoy our Yurt cafe, when you visit!

Bare root: It’s bare root time!  For retail sales, see the list below.  If you would like a wholesale quote, please the Plant Centre and we will be pleased to prepare one for you.  Of course, we have fabulous container grown crops available all year, so do check with us as to what may best suit your needs.

Our stock is continuously changing and our plant pricing and guides below are updated regularly. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us on 01869 340342 or email


Plant Type Downloadable Price Lists
Specimen Climbers and Shrubs View List
Fruit View List
Hedging – Native – Container Grown View List
Ornamental Trees – Container Grown View List
Specimen Trees  – Container Grown View List
Screens, Pleaches and Topiary View List
Sundries View List
Trees & Hedging – Bare Root for Retail View List

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