Talk: Nicholsons and the Community

When: Thursday 19th March – 6.30pm for 7.00pm start

Club 57 has been welcoming gardening enthusiasts since it was founded in 2011. The majority of events centre around gardens and gardening, but our first March event is a little different.

Nicholsons prides itself on business excellence, yet it stands apart from many other businesses by placing great value on several core values that cannot be measured by profit or business growth.

Charity and community are central to the Nicholsons’ ethos, and we are delighted to be sponsoring the very worthy ‘Charity and Community Award’ at the 2020 Cherwell Business Awards. As part of the process, we met with the 2019 winners, ARCh – Assisted Reading for Children – who are based in Bicester.

ARCh run a programme which pairs volunteers with children in schools for regular reading sessions.  Their mission is to impart a love of reading to disadvantaged children in Oxfordshire, enhancing their lives and improving their life chances. Their team in Bicester work with around 300 volunteers to support over 1000 children across the region. The benefits of 1:1 reading sessions with children are phenomenal, and the children involved develop more than just their literacy skills over their time with an ARCh volunteer.

Talk: Nicholsons and the Community

Although ARCh make a huge difference to so many children already, there are many more who could benefit from the support of a reading mentor. Our Club 57 evening will give people the opportunity to hear more about this very worthwhile cause and learn how to get involved if they would like to sign up as a volunteer.

We will also be looking at Nicholsons’ partnership with the Berkeley Reafforestation Trust and the creation of Forest Schools in the local community. The open air culture, or ‘frulitsliv’, of the Scandinavian education system sees the traditional British classroom environment turned on its head, where children use the outdoor space in all weathers and learn to respect and care for the natural world in the process. The concept has been adopted by many schools across the UK, and Nicholsons has been involved in 10 education projects to help support the education of children outdoors, particularly in disadvantaged areas of the county.

Talk: Nicholsons and the Community
Talk: Nicholsons and the Community

The third branch to our evening looks a little further afield to our tree planting initiative in Kenya, ‘Trees in the Wild’. In January 2018, a team of 4 from Nicholsons went out to the Mara region of Kenya where they built a tree nursery with the aim of supporting the local community, preserving biodiversity and combatting deforestation, the rate of which is very high in Kenya. Working in conjunction with the International Tree Foundation, the project is still going strong today and the first trees from the nursery have now been planted out along the Mara riverbank, where they will aid flood alleviation and provide a habitat to wildlife.

Though it has a different focus from previous Club 57 events, we hope to see as many of you as possible at our February event to hear all about these three fantastic causes.

The event is free to attend, and drinks and nibbles will be provided. Any donations made on the evening will be divided between the three projects.

We would love to see as many people as possible attend to support these wonderful causes, so please be advised that attendees are welcome to purchase extra tickets for guests who may be interested (they do not need to be Club 57 members).


When: Thursday 19th March
Where: Nicholsons, The Park, North Aston
Time: 6.30pm meet for a 7.00pm start
Cost: Free (donations welcomed and split between the charities)

To book your space, please email

Talk: Nicholsons and the Community

Talk: Nicholsons and the Community