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Seasonal news from our various departments here at Nicholsons.

Seasonal News

Flowering Cherry Season

By Lorraine Spooner Spring is the season for the wonderful range of blossom that appears in profusion on these beautiful trees.  Often fleeting, we should take example from the Japanese, whose traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of their national flower is called Hanami, or ‘flower viewing’.  Fortunately, the trees flower at different times, some as early as March, others into May, but usually each species lasts for just two weeks, before Read more »

I Would Like My Roses To See You

By Liz Nicholson Richard Brinsley Sheridan (born in Ireland, 1751), playwright of The School for Scandal, once commented, “Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you.” I love the personification of the roses and the sense that the garden is in charge… In so many ways, we know that it is! Green-fingered gardeners feel obliged to their gardens, more timid folk feel rather scared by their gardens, and Read more »

A Secret Garden

By Liz Nicholson Ever since Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote The Secret Garden, we crave a touch of the unspoilt, wild, overgrown charm. And yet, as soon as we spot a dandelion in our lawns, nettles on the compost heap, thistles in the kitchen garden, we are out with our hoe to restore control over our patch of grass. But I sense a wild garden revolution is upon us. As The Read more »

A Tree for the Wise

By Jonathan Diaper For me, the harbinger of spring is the sight of waving catkins of hazel. The word ‘catkin’ derives from the Dutch word katteken meaning ‘kitten’ and nicely describes their furry appearance. These are yellow hanging bunches of around 240 individual male flowers which catch the wind to pollinate tiny female flowers – bud-like, magenta coloured flowers on the same branch. Hazels are monoecious - each tree bears both male and female Read more »

Bare Root Bonanza

By Jonathan Diaper Winter is the time to make the grandest changes to a garden. Deciduous plants are dormant, making it the ideal time for planting. Trees, hedges, roses, fruit bushes and canes – all manner of woody plants can be planted easily and economically as bare-rooted stock. It’s an inexpensive and satisfying way of re-sculpting a garden, or of planting large areas of landscape. Bare root plants are sold, as the name suggests, Read more »

Planting an Orchard

By Lorraine Spooner I was recently asked by a customer to define ‘a traditional orchard’ and was surprised to learn from my research that this may contain as few as 5 trees to be classed as such. All the more reason to plan a visit to the Plant Centre, where you will find a variety of our very own home-grown fruit trees. These strong trees in 35 litre pots are already 1.75-2.00 metres tall Read more »

Gardening Life in Winter

By Jonathan Diaper On these dark days it is hard to imagine any gardening jobs that need attention. The garden seems still, parts of it even appear dead, and there is an urge to bring indoors those plants which still seem alive, such as evergreen holly and ivy. However, there are still jobs to be done. It is an ideal opportunity to prepare the garden for the take-off in spring. It is a useful Read more »