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Seasonal news from our various departments here at Nicholsons.

Seasonal News

Perfect Partners

By Lorraine Spooner Creating planting partners can be a matter of personal choice and preferred palette, but understanding the ‘Colour Wheel’ can be of great assistance in ensuring not only the right combination of plants are chosen for the soil and aspect, but a ‘trial and error’ outcome can be avoided, where plants need to be moved elsewhere or even discarded, due to their unharmonious relationship with each other. At different Read more »

Vertical Accents

By Lorraine Spooner With all the extra time being spent in the garden under recent glorious blue skies and warm sunshine, I am wondering how much thought has been put into utilising the possible vertical elements of your gardens. Using climbing plants to clothe not just walls but structures, can provide instant eye-catching impact, while taking up very little ground space. Consider obelisks in borders, arches over pathways, pergolas Read more »

Spotlight on Multi-stemmed Trees

By Lorraine Spooner This form of plant is defined as a tree with two or more main stems arising near ground level, but importantly growing from one root system. Specific pruning techniques carried out at an early age encourages the formation of multiple branches.  Usually, a multi stemmed tree has a short spur as opposed to a shrub, whose branches naturally form from ground level (or just below).  In the natural world, grazing Read more »

What’s Looking Good on the Nursery?

By Lorraine Spooner This week’s newsletter brings you details of a selection of trees, hedging and shrubs currently being lovingly cared for on our Nursery. The temperate weather for this time of year has encouraged early growth - unfurling foliage in myriad shades of green, and a profusion of blossom being enjoyed by pollinating insects. The Plant Centre may be closed, but we are still able to offer plants which can be ordered Read more »

Flowering Cherry Season

By Lorraine Spooner Spring is the season for the wonderful range of blossom that appears in profusion on these beautiful trees.  Often fleeting, we should take example from the Japanese, whose traditional custom of enjoying the transient beauty of their national flower is called Hanami, or ‘flower viewing’.  Fortunately, the trees flower at different times, some as early as March, others into May, but usually each species lasts for just two weeks, before Read more »

I Would Like My Roses To See You

By Liz Nicholson Richard Brinsley Sheridan (born in Ireland, 1751), playwright of The School for Scandal, once commented, “Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you.” I love the personification of the roses and the sense that the garden is in charge… In so many ways, we know that it is! Green-fingered gardeners feel obliged to their gardens, more timid folk feel rather scared by their gardens, and Read more »