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Seasonal news from our various departments here at Nicholsons.

Seasonal News

The Importance of Topiary

By Lorraine Spooner Topiary is the horticultural practice of training perennial plants into clearly defined ornamental shapes, by clipping the foliage. Typically, these are geometric shapes, but they can also be abstract or resemble the appearance of birds, animals, chess pieces and other fanciful forms. Highgrove House Levens Hall The gardeners at Highgrove House were given free reign by Prince Charles to customise his topiary to their Read more »

Blazes of Colour

By Jonathan Diaper Hooray for the bonfire colours of autumn. It is best to see autumn as a rejuvenating sight, rather than as ‘dead things dropping off’. The heavy swathes of green foliage in late summer are so abundant we can easily take trees and shrubs for granted. With the onset of autumn the greenness changes. The green pigment in chlorophyll breaks down, revealing the pigments of carotenoids (yellow-orange) and anthocyanins (red-purple). Read more »

The Positive Effects of Gardening on Our Mental Health

By Ruby Simpson (Nicholsons CAD Technician) Winter is on its way… Sparkling frosty lawns, evenings snuggled up on the sofa with hot chocolate and old movies, fairy lights and bright crackling fires come to mind. Everyone starts planning for all the various social occasions and other festivities over the Christmas period. There is a happy and excited atmosphere in the homes and workplaces of most people. Sometimes, however, Read more »

An Award Winning Year for Nicholsons Brings Another Exciting Announcement

Nicholsons are celebrating their 40th birthday this month. We have come a long way since the 5-acre plot established in 1979 by Roderick Nicholson. In 1987, Nicholsons moved to The Park, where we remain to this day. Roderick’s son Niel joined in 1992, and his wife, Liz, followed shortly after in 1997. With Roderick now in happy retirement, Liz and Niel comprise two of the five directors at the company – and in this, the company’s Read more »

Sunny September

By Jonathan Diaper Hang on to summer. It’s meteorologists who would have us believe it is autumn. They divide the year equally into four seasons, making September 1st the start of autumn. Astronomers define the season by the length of the day, the equinox being when the hours of daylight and darkness are in balance. This makes the beginning of autumn September 23rd. Every cloud has a silver lining. Borders Read more »

Dawn of a new E.R.A

The UK construction industry is worth over 113 billion GBP, employing around 2.8 million people, and continues to experience strong year-on-year growth. Over 75% of construction jobs are private contracts, with the landscape sector delivering over 4.5 billion GBP to the UK economy each year. According to new research, however, the construction industry also has a darker side, contributing to over 20% of global air pollution, 40% of global drinking water Read more »

Planning for the Autumn

By Lorraine Spooner With the new planting season almost upon us, now is the time to start making preparations in readiness for autumn, so that no time is wasted in introducing your choice of new plants to the correct growing conditions for optimum root development.  With a strong root system, newly planted trees and shrubs will be able to counter the vagaries of the British weather. But the first consideration must be THE RIGHT Read more »

Keeping the Show on the Road

By Jonathan Diaper Midsummer is a testing time for the garden.  How to prolong the freshness and colour of spring? Foxgloves that placed themselves so perfectly in the borders are looking distinctly seedy. Leave one or two plants to randomly self-seed or collect seed to cast into areas where you would like the seeds to germinate.  Pull out the remainder or cut them to 10cm or so above the ground. Sometimes sturdy plants will Read more »