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Wisdom from our Forestry Team here at Nicholsons

Forestry Wisdom

Nicholsons Woodland Grant Update

Landowners across ten counties are being invited to apply for a ground-breaking new scheme from the Woodland Trust. The grant has been pioneered by our own Niel Nicholson, who has spent the last two years developing the new TRUSTwoods scheme with the Woodland Trust, to offer expert advice and generous financial support to landowners who want to create small, new woods. Larger schemes can still be grant aided by the Forestry Commission as before. Read more »

September 30th, 2019|Forestry Blogs|

Plant Passports

With the increase in the trade of plants over the last decades, the risk of introducing new pests and diseases has increased. Given favourable weather conditions and a lack of natural enemies, they can spread and lead to environmental damage, destruction of native plant species, substantial economic losses in agricultural production and an increase in the use of pesticides. Therefore, measures to prevent their introduction and spread are essential. Plant Passports are part of the armoury used Read more »

September 30th, 2019|Forestry Blogs, Nicholsons Technical Briefings|

Identifying Pine Processionary moth

As the days draw in and Christmas inevitably begins to loom on the horizon, hundreds of thousands of Christmas trees will soon be freshly cut in Europe and freighted over to the UK.  Although unlikely to be encountered, readers should keep a watchful eye out for signs of Pine Processionary Moth (PPM). Originally from the Mediterranean, but now well established in Brittany and the north of Paris, this Read more »

September 30th, 2019|Forestry Blogs, Nicholsons Technical Briefings|

Bio-secure Planting

In an era where threats to plant health are a serious issue, this presentation highlighted the importance for all stakeholders in any plant sales or movements to understand the chain of custody for those plants. It looked at some of the national bodies with an interest in plant health and what they are doing to protect our ecology. It also looked at what Nicholsons are doing as part of this bigger picture. View Read more »

September 19th, 2019|Forestry Blogs, Nicholsons Technical Briefings|

Ash Dieback: Why Should I Care?

Common Ash is one of the UK’s most versatile tree species and makes up 12% of the UK’s Broadleaf Woodlands. However, ash dieback is now present across the UK and forecast to ultimately infect 95% of woodland ash, of which 85% are expected to die within 15 years of infection. The impact is expected to be greater than Dutch Elm disease, posing significant ecological, economic, and safety risks to owners, managers, and the wider environment. This Read more »

September 13th, 2019|Forestry Blogs, Nicholsons Technical Briefings|