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Woodland Wonders: May

With the temperatures gently rising, woodland wildflowers are springing to life allowing insect pollination to take place. The native hawthorn is teeming with wildlife right now; how many insects and varieties can you spot within the blossom?
Wil Heeney, Entomologist working with us here at Nicholsons, shares his expert knowledge once again. Organiser of The Longhorn Beetle Recording Scheme, Wil is an avid enthusiast of longhorn beetles and – as a specialist in invertebrates – keeps a keen eye on the hawthorn blossom since it is a haven for many species. Discover some of the invertebrates here and read on to find out more about the tricks used to observe these and hundreds of other insect species. Be inspired the next time you take a stroll through the woods.

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New Year, New Garden
New Year, New Garden

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Feng Shui – Tips For Garden And Landscape Design

By David Kurita-May A garden that has been designed using Feng Shui principles seeks to capture the environment’s natural rhythms and the spiritual equality between man and nature. Eastern culture recognises the oneness of all living things and how energy, or chi, needs to flow smoothly, both through our surroundings and through ourselves. Read more »

Feng Shui – A Personal View by David Kurita-May

By David Kurita-May Life is about energy, and energy is about flow. So, to get your life situation to flow, it must start with the energy. Feng Shui is the ancient practice of achieving this flow of energy by making certain alterations to your personal conditions - be that within your surroundings, your body, your current location, or Read more »

Coping with Weeds

By Libby Reeves Every year when the temperature starts to increase and the sun shines on our damp winter soils, we wait in earnest for our lawns, borders and trees to flourish. But as the trees green and the borders start to flower, the weeds push up alongside them. Weeds come in all shapes and sizes. Some have Read more »

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New Year, New Garden


Escallonia is a fast-growing, evergreen shrub, perfect for a flowering hedge or specimen planting. Escallonia produces clusters of small, pretty flowers against a backdrop of glossy green leaves. The long flowering period of this shrub is from June to October, attracting bees, butterflies, and other insects for many months. The flowers are tube-shaped, usually pink, red or white, and in some varieties, scented. Escallonia are best planted in full sun, into reasonable, well-drained soil (acid, alkaline or neutral pH) and can grow up to 3 metres in either direction, depending on the cultivar. It responds well to pruning, so will do just as well in a small garden.

Escallonia are easy to grow and relatively maintenance free, but are slightly tender. Though they are tolerant of windy areas and salt spray in a coastal garden, they struggle with cold winds. If your garden has a spare sheltered spot, or you have a garden on the coast where it is suitable to grow, there are several varieties available which may suit your garden.

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New Year, New Garden