The spring equinox on the 20th not only marks the beginning of Spring, but is the call from nature to get us into the garden to start that long list of jobs, which will transform our plots as spring makes way for summer. The birds are already celebrating with their joyful chorus at dawn, inviting our company perhaps a little later in the day.

With the recent sunshine flooding the garden tempting us to venture outside, Lorraine has recommended a selection of tasks that could be undertaken at this time of year. Some might seem like major projects, but with a little planning and forethought, they will reap endless benefits later, freeing up valuable gardening time, when growth rates and temperatures accelerate and weeding/watering become the order of the day.

Find Lorraine’s suggestions below and come back every other day for a new one!

Jobs for the Garden in Early Spring
Jobs for the Garden in Early Spring


Sow tender vegetable and flower seeds

Some seeds benefit from an early sowing, producing stronger plants more able to withstand inclement weather or an unwelcome insect attack. Sweet peas, broad beans and peas are good examples. Successional sow vegetable crops like beetroot, lettuce and kale to prevent gluts, increasing harvesting potential over a longer period. Ensure they are kept under cover and harden off before planting out.


Lift and Divide Early Flowering Bulbs

With the snowdrop season over, lift and divide clumps while still ‘in the green’ to fill gaps where necessary. Apply a granular fertiliser to feed the bulbs and if they are naturalising in grass, refrain from mowing until the foliage has completely died down. Alternatively, use surplus snowdrop divisions to create a new border near the house, to lift the spirits during those short winter days. Mix Chionodoxa, Scillas, Crocus and Iris reticulata bulbs to create a blue/purple scheme, which will complement the pure white of the delicate snowdrops.