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Jewels from Japan

In their native habitats of Japan, China, Korea and Eastern Mongolia, these Maple plants have been found growing at altitudes up to 1,100 metres, which has earned them the name of the Mountain Maple.  More commonly, they are found on the edge of woodlands, protected by the canopies of larger trees above. They have been cultivated throughout the world for over 300 years and there are many varieties and sizes now available, attaining from 1.2 to 8 metres at maturity.

Tolerating a wide range of soil conditions, except heavy clay or very alkaline, they can be planted as a free standing specimen, as part of a border or in a large container, making an excellent focal point, especially in Autumn, when their foliage takes on stunning hues of crimson, orange and yellow, dependent on the chosen cultivar.

Red and purple-leaved varieties need some sun to fully develop their dark pigments, but the majority prefer a sheltered, partially shaded position, protected from cold winds and strong midday sun to prevent leaf scorch; protection from late frosts is also recommended.

When planting either in the ground or in a container, use a fertile loam based or ericaceous compost, provide good drainage and keep evenly moist, feeding in spring and early summer with a slow release or liquid feed.  Little pruning is required – they are best left to form their natural branching shape.

We have a large stock of Acer palmatum and dissectum, such as ‘Aureum’, ‘Bloodgood’, ‘Garnet’, ‘Osakazuki’, ‘Sangu-Kaku’ and many more, showing off their foliage finery to tempt you to introduce a touch of the Orient to your garden.

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Jewels from Japan

Jewels from Japan

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