Inspiring Children to Understand and Appreciate Wildlife Conservation

There is so much beauty in the nature surrounding us in Oxfordshire, that of course as a parent you want your children to experience it all. Studies even show that connecting kids to nature early on is beneficial for them as well! When it comes to children and the great outdoors, it’s never too early to get them familiar with the wonders that await them. Here in Oxfordshire that includes rivers, deer parks, and lush green meadows. By getting children used to being around gardens, forests, trees, plants and herbs early on in their young lives, they will be more likely to be curious about nature and wildlife and their role in it as they grow older. To motivate your child to take an interest in nature and wildlife conservation, here are some activities you can implement:

Inspiring Children in Wildlife

Make your child the expert: Kids love nothing more than to show off new knowledge they’ve learned, and if you can teach them about some common plant or animal species local to Oxfordshire, they can later learn to identify them and feel like experts. Some easy ones to try include herbs growing in your garden, trees in your neighbourhood, or various bird species.

Outdoor games: Take the fun outside and organise games that will get your children curious about the nature surrounding them. Options like a scavenger hunt or I-Spy are particularly good ones as they encourage children to interact with nature.

Add some nature to your media: Whether it’s television shows, movies, or documentaries, make sure to incorporate some material focused on nature and wildlife to watch – especially as a family since there will definitely be questions about the various species and subjects covered. You can also take your children to the library to get some nature and wildlife-focused books or picture books to also pique their interest.

By incorporating some of these options early on in your child’s life, you will plant a seed in their young minds that will inspire them to be curious about Oxfordshire and the world around them, as well as their own role in nature and wildlife conservation.

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Inspiring Children to Understand and Appreciate Wildlife Conservation