The not so Mellow Yellow story of the simple leaf

Many healthy plants can suddenly worry us as their healthy green leaves turn to a sickly looking yellow. The leaves of many plants can suddenly turn yellow and this may happen for a number of reasons. The first thing to consider is the weather. If it has turned particularly cold or very dry, then the Read more »


Organic Compost – also known as Black Gold

Making your own compost from the ‘brown’ and ‘green’ waste generated from your garden and kitchen produces a valuable garden resource that can be used to improve soil structure; breaking up heavy clay soils to make them more workable and improving the moisture retaining properties of lighter, free draining soil. The decomposed organic matter is Read more »


Going Peat Free

The Natural Environment White Paper was published in 2011 by the coalition Government, following consultation with industry and interested parties. The top line targets were: Phase out peat by 2015 in the Government and the wider public sector, including Local Authorities; Phase out peat by 2020 in the amateur gardener market for bagged growing media Read more »


To Stake Or Not To Stake ? A Guide On Supporting Perennials.

Early Summer is an exciting time of year; blossoms and buds have burst into life and herbaceous perennials are emerging from the soil, with their colourful, showy blooms ! With this in mind, all gardeners, whatever their level of experience, will need to start to think about providing support for many herbaceous perennials. If you have recently taken up Read more »