Flowering Shrubs

There are so many flowering shrubs available, that it’s easy to find a colour or form for any situation or position. Sometimes, it’s difficult to decide between all of the options, so here are five of my favourites to give you some ideas.

Flowering Shrubs

This beautiful flower bed was planted by our gardeners.

Philadelphus Belle Etoile:
This is a delightful shrub in many ways, but it’s winning feature is by far it’s enchanting fragrance! I think it’s one of my favourite shrubs purely for that reason. It is deciduous, and has fairly simple plain white flowers, with a slightly purple throat inside, and mid-green leaves. Brilliant for planting next to a window, door or pathway.

Teuchrium x lucidrys:
This is a neat and tidy, low growing evergreen shrub, perfect for adding a bit of winter-structure to a border. Because of it’s compact habit, it also makes for a lovely alternative to low hedging such as Buxus. It is covered in tiny pink flowers during summer and it’s silvery-green foliage is pleasantly aromatic.

Deutzia Mont Rose:
This shrub has delicate, rose pink, star-shaped flowers that open in clusters from June to July. It is a small to medium shrub that would work well in smaller gardens, and although it prefers full sun, it is happy in partial shade. Another wonderful thing about this shrub is it’s not too fussy about where it needs to be planted – it is happy in any aspect, and will tolerate most soils as well… This is a lovely addition to any garden.

Caryopteris Heavenly Blue:
A beautiful flowering shrub with slender silvery-green leaves. It’s purple-blue flowers open from tiny spherical buds into almost salvia-shaped flowers with long spidery stamen that protrude out from the centre. From afar they look like fluffy blue pompoms. This forms quite a rounded, neat shrub and looks lovely amongst a classic blue, purple and white colour scheme.

Daphne odora Aureomarginata :
This is another plant with an exquisitely scented flower. It is an evergreen shrub with very delicate variegation on the very edge of it’s leaves—a bonus if you don’t like garish variegation. A small, slow-growing shrub that needs to be positioned in a sheltered, sunny spot.