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Fencing & Gates

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Nicholsons Service – Fencing and Gates

Nicholsons offer a complete fencing and gate installation service to landowners. Based in Oxfordshire, we supply and erect fences across Buckinghamshire, Gloucestershire Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and further afield, subject to the nature and scale of works.

We also undertake bespoke projects including those where clients have already sourced materials and can provide the full installation service.

An Important Word on Fencing Durability

Fences need to be durable due to the nature of animals they are enclosing or excluding and to keep maintenance costs to a minumum. This durablity is partially in design but also in careful selection of wooden posts and wire. For timber fences it is vital that all wood in ground contact is correctly treated as such we always specify the use of UC4 class treated redwood timber for longevity – whether creosote or green pressure treated. This provides the client with a 15 year guarantee from the manufacturer. In the unlikely event that posts cannot be sourced meeting this specification, or need to meet higher levels of durability we will apply additional protection measures such as Post-Saver sleeves or Postdip.

All fencing wire and metal gates supplier meet British standards.

Fencing Types

We can supply and erect a wide range of forestry, agricultural, stock, estate and parkland fences, including, but not limited to:

Traditional post-and-rail fencing

Our attractive post and rail fencing is either mortice fitted or nailed, square sawn, half round or full machine rounded.

Horse / Equestrian fencing

Our horse fences are specifically made for equestrian use: constructed of high quality materials with safety, strength and low maintenance as a priority. We offer a range of heights of fencing for horses of all sizes and ages. Our fencing team can help you choose the most appropriate design for your needs. Creosote treatment is often the choice of wood preservative for horse fencing.

Stock / Cattle Fencing

Fencing for cattle enclosures needs to be particularly strong and durable, as cattle have a tendency to rub against fencing. We offer a range of high quality, strong, low maintenance fences specifically designed to keeping cattle enclosed.

Sheep Fencing

Many sheep farmers use both perimeter and interior fencing for enclosing sheep. Nicholsons can offer both long-lasting, high quality perimeter fencing and permanent or semi-permanent interior fencing for subdividing fields into paddocks or smaller areas for grazing.

Rabbit Fencing

Rabbits can be a persistent problem to landowners, in many areas. We offer a range of rabbit fencing styles to help secure your property and can advise and construct to meet your requirements. Often this needs to be incorporated with other fencing types such as Stock or Deer  – or even retrofitted to existing fence-lines.

Deer Fencing

Generally required as exclosures in woodlands and for new plantations, deer fencing can also be essential to enclose deer in parkland situations. Our standard deer fence is 1.8m high, sufficient to prevent access by Muntjac, Roe and Fallow deer using high tensile mesh fencing. The design and installation is always tailored to site requirements. We also design and install suitable wooden or metal gates for vehicle and pedestrian access.

With little alteration our deer fencing can be adapted for perimeter fencing of solar farms and the protection of orchards and large gardens.

Estate and Parkland Fencing

We can supply and erect a wide variety of metal fence and gate styles for gardens, estates and parklands. Our work utilises flexible construction and design to suit all manner of estate grounds, whether agricultural land, deer parks, garden areas, uneven or level terrains. Our fencing team will be happy to advise on the most suitable style for your particular situation.

Forestry and Woodland Fences

Forestry and woodland management is at the heart of our business and can pose particular challenges for fence installations in rough and steep terrain. Our fencing team will help you select the correct fencing specification for your situation, with installation supported by our capable tracked post driver.

Tree Guards

Large tree guards are often required in parkland and woodland locations. Typically to protect against deer, horse and cattle browsing, we can advise and install the most appropriate style for the situation.


We supply and install all types of gates to match our fence installations and can offer a design service for a range of gate styles.

Bespoke Fencing Solutions

Nicholsons will also take on the design and construction of bespoke fencing solutions for our clients. We also erect oak and chestnut cleft or paling fencing to requested specifications.

Fencing & Gates
Fencing & Gates
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Fencing & Gates
Fencing & Gates
Fencing & Gates
Fencing & Gates
Fencing & Gates
Fencing & Gates
Fencing & Gates

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