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Deer Fencing

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Deer Fencing

Deer fencing is generally required for the establishment of young trees or the protection of coppice regrowth in forestry situations. It is also used to surround deer parks, solar farms, orchards and occasionally around gardens for security and protection from browsing. Where used to exclude deer in forestry situations, it is more often placed on sites over one hectare in size, where the economies of scale justify the cost of installation over individual tree guards.

The type of fence mesh will depend on the species of deer encountered, which are generally Fallow, Roe and Muntjac Deer in our operating area. Whilst it can be tempting just to consider the largest deer seen, you must consider the smaller species, as these can squeeze through some of the standard mesh sizes.

The design can incorporate rabbit netting, pedestrian and vehicle gates, badger gates and water/ditch crossings. We also design and install a range metal and wooden gate options suitable for deer fences, which meet the requirements for a range of  budgets. Our standard deer fence is 1.87m high, sufficient to prevent access by Muntjac, Roe and Fallow deer using high tensile mesh fencing. The design will always be tailored to meet the site requirements.

Our deer fence and gateway specifications meet the requirements for Countryside Stewardship Scheme agreements.

An Important Word on Fencing Durability

Deer fences need to be durable due to the nature of animals they are enclosing or excluding and to keep maintenance costs to a minimum. This durability is partially in design but also in careful selection of wooden posts and wire. For timber fences it is vital that all wood in ground contact is correctly treated as such we always specify the use of UC4 class treated redwood timber for longevity – whether creosote or green pressure treated. This provides the client with a 15 year guarantee from the manufacturer. In the unlikely event that posts cannot be sourced meeting this specification, or need to meet higher levels of durability we will apply additional protection measures such as Post-Saver sleeves or Postdip.

All fencing wire and metal gates supplier meet British standards.

If you would like to enquire about our fencing services, then please email the team at Our fencing team operates throughout Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties and will consider jobs further afield dependant on the scale and nature of the work.

Deer Fencing
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Deer Fencing
Deer Fencing

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