Building A Tree Nursery In Kenya

One of our garden designers, Jon Uglow, wrote this article for the Primary Times magazine, in which he talks about our recent work in Africa:

Every reader of the Primary Times knows the value of education – arguably, nothing matters more in determining the life chances of individuals. Although our day-to-day business is that of designing and making award-winning gardens, Nicholsons supports the education of students in Africa through the Rafiki Thabo Foundation – a charity finding all sorts of ways to get more children an education, thereby transforming their life opportunities.

A Nicholsons work team have just come back from rural Kenya where they spent a week developing a tree nursery in the hot and exposed grounds of a secondary school and finding out about day-to-day life for local people. One morning was spent planting trees and playing with children at a nursery and day school on the edge of a slum. Team member Jess wrote:

These children were the most adorable human beings. Their school playground contained sharp thorns, broken glass and hardly any shade. Most of these children live in tin sheds and will walk around sewage on their journey to school. When we arrived this was not apparent at first. They flooded us with songs, games and so much laughter that it completely took our breath away!

Spending time with the children in Kenya supporting the Rafiki Thabo project

Without the day nursery offering subsidised places, these same children would spend their days vulnerable and alone in the slum whilst their parents find work. Rafiki Thabo is looking to expand this provision – along with partners like Nicholsons – so that even more of the poorest and most vulnerable children will get the kind of start each of us would wish for our own offspring.

Whilst we might not quite be as active as Bob Geldof, in recognition of the desire to go above and beyond the every-day, Nicholsons has been shortlisted for ‘Cherwell Employer of the Year Award 2016’. If you are interested to find out more about working for us or our support for Rafiki Thabo, please contact or


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Building A Tree Nursery In Kenya