Beautiful Blossom

Prunus Pink Perfection:
This is such a gorgeous flowering cherry. Profuse deep-pink buds opening to candyfloss-pink frilly, double flowers in drooping clusters in spring. It’s a perfect tree for a small garden and has the added bonus of having excellent autumn foliage as well, with foliage turning vibrant red and orange. It you like a lot of pink, these would make a beautiful, striking avenue along a driveway.

Amelanchier grandiflora Robin Hill:
This Amelanchier is a bit of a change from the others. It’s flowers are ever so slightly larger, and they open from pink buds into white star-shaped flowers. The flowers are quite open and the petals are dainty, so they have a very delicate look about them, unlike some other blossom tree. The branches on this tree are quite slender and open, and the leaves are elongated, so the overall look of the tree is very elegant. Another good tree for a small garden.

Crataegus Paul’s Scarlet:
For a bright pop of colour in spring, Paul’s Scarlet is a great variety of hawthorn to go for. The flowers are very tiny, but double and they bloom in dense clusters all over the tree. Although it is called ’scarlet’, the colour is very deep pink, and are in flower from March to May. This is good tree for small gardens, and will grow well in all soils (except waterlogged), exposed sites, city pollution and even coastal gardens. A great all-rounder.

Malus Royalty:
Another one of my favourites (I have many). The flowers are a deep crimson-pink, and open alongside the young purple leaves, which creates such a rich colour combination. The leaves turn to dark green for the summer. In the autumn the tree is covered in deep red crab apples which darken when ripe. This is another good tree for an urban situation, as it is small and also pollution tolerant.

Prunus avium Plena:
This is a slightly larger tree than some other flowering cherries, and brilliant for native wildlife. It has double white flowers that cover the tree in spring, and its mid-green leaves turn a vibrant red in the autumn. It makes an impact whether planted as a specimen, in a group, or as an avenue. Overall, this is a charming tree if you want the blossom, but don’t love pink quite as much as I do…

From Left to Right: Prunus Pink Perfection, Amelanchier grandiflora Robin Hill, Crataegus Paul’s Scarlet, Malus Royalty, Prunus Avium Plena

Ruby Simpson can’t remember a time when she hasn’t been interested in horticulture. After years of practical experience and training, she now works for Nicholsons as our CAD Manager and Planting Designer. Her passion for plants and interest in all genres of design translates through to stylish, plant-filled gardens to suit the individual needs and tastes of each client.

Beautiful Blossom