Shrubs From Our Childhoods: A Trip Down Memory Lane

By Lorraine Spooner It is amazing how our human minds work. Our memories can be sparked by little things that trigger our childhood past, evoke a special moment in our lives and transport us back in time, through sensory perception of sight, smell or touch. Using my Nicholsons’ colleagues as Read more »


Screening Trees: Options for Towns and Cities Part 2

By Lorraine Spooner In Part 1 of this blog last week, I looked at pleached screens in various species as an ‘instant impact’ solution.  In Part 2, I am focussing on standard ornamental trees for screening different parts of your garden, whether it is a boundary between neighbours to create more Read more »


Screening Trees: Options for Towns and Cities

By Lorraine Spooner This week we are looking at options for screening trees for urban planting, focussing on pleached screens. This is a two-part blog, Part 2 next week, will detail options for screening with standard ornamental trees. Careful research into choice of species is important when selecting plants for this Read more »