Trees for Life

By Lorraine Spooner ‘Large streams from little fountains flow, tall oaks from little acorns grow’ Our world is inundated with news, articles and blogs about climate change and the damaging global environmental effect to which we are all held partly responsible.  We may consider our role as miniscule in the ‘bigger’ picture Read more »


Celebrating Hedging

By Annie Buckle We recently shared our biodiversity action plan, which will commence with the planting of a new native hedgerow next to our reservoir. Native hedgerows have significant historical and ecological importance in the UK countryside. They delineate boundaries, prevent soil erosion, sequester carbon and provide food and shelter; not only Read more »


Dealing with Plant Disorders: Non-nutritional Disorders Part 2

By Steve Malsher MCIHort Welcome to part 2 of our non-nutritional plant disorders blog. This is the final part of our mini-series with pest and diseases expert, Steve Malsher, who has discussed many of the garden pests, plant diseases and disorders that could be harming your garden at this time of year. Read more »