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Tree Safety Surveys

//Tree Safety Surveys
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Tree Surveys – Can We Help You?

Responsible Tree Ownership

Tree owners have a responsibility to protect third parties, and should take steps to ensure that their trees do not pose a threat to members of the public.

Tree Safety Inspections

Nicholsons carries out hundreds of tree safety inspections every year – examining whole tracts of woodland as well as solitary trees – and judging the best course of action to take for the benefit of the trees and protection of third parties. Recommended actions can range from nothing at all through pruning or reduction, to the final resort of felling if the trees are considered dangerous.

The team at Nicholsons includes Lantra Level 2 qualified arboriculturalists who have extensive experience, and can advise landowners on how best to manage their trees to ensure their safety and to maximise their value.

In the light of several high profile test cases where injured parties have successfully claimed damages against landowners who have not carried through their “Duty of Care” in relation to trees, Nicholsons developed a robust method of arboricultural survey and reporting. The law has not changed but the requirements of such a survey have been tightened up through comments made by judges that have set precedence under common law.

The Tree Safety Survey

Trees are plotted on digitally generated plans, as well as being marked physically to enable easy identification in the future. Trees are surveyed on a negative reporting basis unless specified otherwise and only trees that need work or comment are inserted into the report framework. All this information will then be presented to the landowner in a report complete with recommendations.

Further investigation of potentially dangerous trees with specialist equipment is available for those trees where visual tree inspection alone is inconclusive.

Follow-On Tree Surgery

Following on from the Duty of Care Survey, Nicholsons has teams of Arboricultural Association approved arborists with modern equipment to enable efficient completion of works recommended.

Tree Safety Surveys
Tree Safety Surveys
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Tree Safety Surveys

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