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Meet the Team

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Meet The Forestry Team

Our forestry team has been in the business of caring for British native trees and woodland for over 35 years. We are Arb. Association Approved and members of the ICF (Institute of Chartered Foresters), investing in the ongoing training and development of all our operatives. Keen to make a difference, our team is particularly proactive in the areas of biodiversity and habitat improvement, working with organisations such as the GWCT, Natural England and Catchment Partnerships to deliver sustainable woodland management.

We have, over time, established a broad-based clientele, ranging from leading landowners to individual householders, with many clients staying with us for years! Whether your project is large or small, our team of highly qualified and experienced graduate foresters, arboriculturalists and tree surgeons are proud to offer a professional but personalised service.

Tim Shardlow – Director

Meet the TeamBSc (Hons) Forestry, MICFor, M Arbor A

Tim leads the Forestry team and joined the company in 2000. He has a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of forestry having been in the industry for over 35 years.

Favourite Tree? Field Maple (Acer campestre) Why? Such a useful tree that can be in many ways ‘multi-purpose’, either as a main woodland tree, an edge tree or hedgerow shrub. Good colour and tolerant of a wide range of soil types.

Dai Lewis  – Woodland Manager

Meet the Team

BSc (Hons) Forestry MICFor

Dai began his love of the rural environment from an early age, having worked on a farm from the age of 8. Pursuing a qualification in pure forestry was the natural course, while additional practical experience was gained as a woodsman on a private estate in Wiltshire. Dai’s passion for lowland forestry has resulted in a long career in the south of England. 28 years on, working  in this beautiful and natural environment is still a vocational experience. Dai enjoys working with a wide variety of landowners to ensure their wishes and objectives are achieved in the most cost effective way.

Favourite Tree? Sweet Chestnut (Castanea sativa) Why? It is a very versatile tree and its wood can be used for many things fencing, furniture, building etc.; it is naturally durable, with magnificent large leaves and it bears edible fruit or seeds.

Dan Lazarou-West – Woodland Manager


Dan joined Nicholsons in June 2017 to manage the forestry and fencing team after working previously with The Crown Estate and the Forestry Commission. His interests lie in Forestry and Conservation and he can think of no better time spent than that walking through mature woodland listening to the sounds of the wood. Dan enjoys working with clients and landowners to ensure that their vision is realised.

Favourite Tree? Small leaved lime (Tilia cordata) Why? It’s a wonderful Long-lived tree providing dead wood for wood-boring beetles, and nesting holes for birds. Often overlooked but found in many parks and avenues where it can reach a great size and age. Limes also have a reputation of being great phoenix trees. You often see new stems regenerating from hollow stumps long thought to be beyond hope.

Nathan Fall – Woodland Manager

Meet the Team

Nathan joined Nicholsons as a woodland manager in January 2018 with over 10 years of forestry experience having worked for the Woodland Trust, two woodland management companies in Herefordshire and Northamptonshire and working as a self-employed forestry contractor. His interests lie in UK lowland forestry, landscape archaeology, and multi-function native woodlands.

Favourite Tree? Ash Why? Versatile, good looking and quick growing tree providing firewood and timber products over its lifetime, seeds and coppices well, and supports a diverse understorey due to its light canopy. Now sadly under serious threat from Ash Dieback and other potential pests.

Bob Staig – Senior Tree Surveyor

Meet the Team

Bob manages our tree surveying service providing safety and condition surveys for tree owners, architects and developers.  Bob trained at Askham Bryan and Merrist Wood Colleges and has spent 44 years in the horticultural industry.  Starting working life on a rose nursery,  he progressed to teaching arboriculture and then for many years managed Oxford’s parks and open spaces.

Favourite Tree? Handkerchief or Ghost Tree (Davidia involucrata ) Why? It takes years to flower and then it doesn’t flower every year but when it does it’s one of the most, striking and slightly bizarre sights in the horticultural world.

Jon Emanuel – Tree Surveyor

Meet the Team

Jon heads up our arboriculture team with 20 years experience in tree surgery, climbing, surveys and team management. He has a strong background in public sector work and so is able to handle large contracts with professionalism and ease but also enjoys the individual projects where a high level of care must be taken.

Favourite Tree? Judas tree (Cercis siliquastrum) Why? This tree exhibits a visually pleasing form, from the growth habit to its delicate flower and foliage displays. It’s an ideal tree for any garden, and really easy to maintain. We don’t see nearly as many as there should be.

Bev Rees – Office Manager

BevBev Joined the Forestry Team in September 2017 as the Office Manager. Brought up in Oxfordshire, she has always enjoyed being surrounded by the Countryside. Bev has gained a lot of experience previously working in admin and office management roles in many different areas of business, and so is able to bring her organisational and professionalism to the team.

Favourite Tree? Oak Why?

Oaks can reach a magnificent age, standing still in History. They are a very majestic tree withstanding many generations and eras. If only we knew the stories they had to tell.



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