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Harvesting operations are highly beneficial within woodlands, allowing the continued development of trees according to their requirements, whilst protecting and securing benefits for wildlife. Nicholsons regularly manage both small and large scale harvesting contracts on behalf of our clients, arranging all necessary permissions, minimising potential conflict with game shooting or wildlife interests, whilst looking to attain the best return for the owner.

Expert Forestry Services

Nicholsons Forestry offer a range of contract services related to timber harvesting including:

How We Work

Nicholsons Forestry team will plan and supervise the works to ensure compliance with statutory health and safety and licensing regulations, but also adherence with industry best practice.

The work is undertaken by trained professional staff, all of whom are highly experienced and are fully qualified. We are also able to combine their skills to create the team that is most appropriate and best equipped to tackle each task.

All the personnel at Nicholsons are fully insured and trained in the jobs they undertake. They follow strict codes of practice to ensure that every job is completed safely and efficiently.

Timber Harvesting
Timber Harvesting
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Timber Harvesting

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