Our Screening Plant Range

Nicholsons are specialists in Trees, Hedging and Screening Plants. Screening Plants are those that are used to create a natural barrier, and can be in various forms.

We have a wider range of Screening Plants than any of the local Garden Centres or Nurseries and our prices are extremely competitive. Screening can cover a wide variety of types, from bushy hedging to thick columns to Screens and pleaches, or individual trees. We stock them all.

The most popular are the Hornbeam Carpinus betulus and Beech Fagus sylvatica but we stock many others including Field Maple Acer campestre, Liquidamber, Crab Malus Everest, Holm OakQuercus ilex and Lime Tilia.

For our full range of Screening Plants and current availability see prices and availability.

The Screening Plants we sell are in the following ranges

  • Hedging – here there is a massive range – come in and see.
  • Screens – these are where there is a tree with a clear stem that has a head above that has been flattened to create a 2 dimensional screen.
  • Plants – from 12-14cm girth up to 20-25cm girth.
  • Prices – £210.
  • Pleaches – again this a tree with a clear stem, but this time the head has been layered to create a 2 dimensional head but with distinct layers.
  • Plants – from 16-18cm girth up to 20-25cm girth.
  • Prices – from £295.
  • Individual Trees – these can be chosen from the Ornamental Tree range but advice is essential.

How To Buy Our Screening Plants

You can browse our extensive collection of Screening Plants on this website or you can come and visit us at our Oxfordshire home and select your desired Screening Plant.

Why not contact us and let us know your requirements and we can advise the best way of supplying you with the Screening Plants of your choice.

Need Some Expert knowledge?

Choosing which Screening Plants to buy can be daunting. Here at Nicholsons we have fully trained staff to help with the choice of species and size. We also offer a planting service for these and all the trees we supply.

Having planted the tree you need to consider aftercare and we can advise on this too – weed control, pruning, pests and diseases. Come and speak to us and we will see if we can help.


We have a wide range of trees and hedges in stock, if you would like to discuss an order, please contact us.

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