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Rural Diversification

//Rural Diversification
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Nicholsons Service – Advice on Farm Diversification in Woodlands

Increasingly landowners are looking for ways to increase the income from their land whether it is by fitting a field of solar panels or hosting weddings and film shoots. Woodlands are becoming the foundation for many entrepreneurial plans for new businesses. No longer the sole domain of large estates, small woodlands also offer excellent opportunities for outdoor experiences.

Any new use will require careful planning to future proof the planned usage. Nicholsons have many years of experience in managing and creating woodlands for uses such as shooting and timber production and with the input of our Landscape Architect we can offer a complete package of advice and design to get your plans under way in a truly sustainable way.

New Woodlands And Farm Diversification

Planting a new woodland for farm diversification means that the woodland can be laid out and species selected to be appropriate to the proposed usage. A long term management plan can be put in place to ensure that the trees and shrubs mature in the correct form for the end use.

Lakes and rides can be included at this stage along with access roads, tracks and any infrastructure that may be needed in the future such as power supply and water. Locations of any proposed buildings can be established at an early stage and shelter belts and screening can be planted in advance of any development.

Existing Woodlands And Farm Diversification

If your woodland is already in existence then careful management planning will be needed to accommodate your chosen activity. All aspects of woodland management will need to be considered when embarking on a farm diversification project. Nicholsons experienced forestry consultants are experts in woodland management and will be happy to guide you in the best course of action to manage your resource sustainably to achieve the space you.

Many exciting opportunities for farm diversification and making an income from your woodlands and forests are now opening up for landowners including the following;

Natural Burial Grounds

Nicholsons have a track record in the planning and creation of natural burial grounds from inception to obtaining planning permissions and setting out and planting a heirachy of trees and shrubs to create glades and distinct character areas within the development.

Glamping, Campsites and Holiday Parks

The same principles apply to holiday parks and campsites where good planning and the creation of distinct character areas help to make a woodland park a success with an added bonus of getting better year on year.
Other opportunities include:

  • Equestrian trails
  • Mountain biking Trails & Cycle tracks
  • Forest schools
  • Forest holidays
  • Films locations
  • Weddings
  • Footpaths
  • Firewood production
  • Team building activities
Rural Diversification
Rural Diversification
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