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Forestry Wisdom

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Forestry Wisdom

Home of our forestry team’s online journal, sharing inspiration, ideas, lessons and discoveries …

  • Forestry Wisdom

It’s Not Easy Being Green

The long-term benefits of Forestry and planting trees is well documented, but just how green is the establishment process, particularly in the first 3-5 years? Most people would accept the value in planting a Read more »

  • Forestry Wisdom

The Biology of Bark Pt.2

The bark of many of our native trees only develops their characteristic shapes and styles as they mature, a little bit like lines on a human face. These characteristics help us tell a Read more »

  • Forestry Wisdom

The Biology of Bark Pt.1

The ‘bark’ of a tree, in some ways, is similar to the skin of a human. Both regenerate and both offer protection from diseases and external attacks to the living tissue underneath. ‘Bark’ Read more »

  • Forestry Wisdom

Ash Die-Back Update

Ash dieback is caused by a fungus called Hymenoscyphus fraxineus and was first formally identified in the UK in 2012; but perhaps has been in the UK as far back as 2004. It is Read more »

  • Forestry Wisdom

Achieving No Net Loss of Biodiversity on the Greater West Programme

The Trust for Oxfordshire’s environment (TOE2) and Network Rail are working together to bring a funding scheme targeted at the creation and improvement of woodland and scrub habitat. This is an exciting funding opportunity to Read more »

  • Forestry Wisdom

Ash Dieback Grants

Ash, (Fraxinus excelsior) is one of the UK’s most useful and versatile native tree species and has been planted extensively across the UK due to its quick growth rates, ability to tolerate a wide range Read more »

  • Forestry Wisdom

BS8596 – Surveying for Bats in Woodland

Published in October 2015, BS8596 is a comprehensive guide to surveying woodlands through to single trees for the presence of bats. This standard flows from the considered risk of tree operations on this part of Read more »

  • Forestry Wisdom

Woodlands & Trees in the Cotswolds – preparations for 2050

If you were told that by 2050 the Cotswolds would experience average temperatures similar to the central and south of France – would you believe it? And that is what official guidance from the Forestry Read more »

  • Forestry Wisdom

Woodlands For Water – New Woodland Planting in the Upper Thames Tributaries

In early February, the NFU (National Farmers' Union) in conjunction with Nicholsons delivered a series of presentations looking at woodland planting to counteract water quality and flooding concerns. Across England there are significant targets to Read more »

  • Forestry Wisdom

Ash Dieback – My 2015 Observations

Media talk of Ash dieback has seemed quieter in the past twelve months, but the problem hasn’t slipped away. On the ground, Ash Dieback (now identified as the fungus Hymenoscyphus fraxineus) is moving. It has Read more »

  • Woodland Creation

Woodland Creation Grant 2016 – Now Open For Applications

The Woodland Creation Grant application window is now open, with the deadline for submissions being the 31st of March 2016. Targeting water quality concerns, flood mitigation and biodiversity benefits, the grant is the most generous Read more »

  • Forestry Wisdom

Horses and Sycamore Seeds – Atypical Myopathy

I read a few sad cases in the press last year of horses dying following ingestion of Sycamore seeds, which led to an understandable run of enquiries from concerned clients. With a life threatening condition Read more »



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