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Landscape Impact Assessments

//Landscape Impact Assessments
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  • Specialist landscape reports by Nicholsons include LVIAs, Historic reports and Design and access statements. Full specifications for hard and softworks are also available.

Landscape and visual impact assessment

We can carry out landscape and and visual impact assessments for developments and planning applications. We can advise you during initial contact whether any plans you have are sufficient, or whether we need to have a survey carried out or appoint other consultants.We have experience of Renewable energy schemes and residential leisure schemes.

Design and Access Statements

We have experience of preparing design and access statements to support planning applications for residential developments.

Historical analysis

We specialise in historical landscape reports and their application to proposed designs and planning negotiations.

Example 1 – Fritwell Manor (PDF)
Example 2 – 333 Banbury Road (PDF)

Enquire About This Service


We have a wide range of trees and hedges in stock, if you would like to discuss an order, please contact us.

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