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The Joy of Anticipation

This week we are featuring unusual shrubs which are budding up ready for their floriferous display later in the summer and into autumn.

Shrubs play an important role in the garden by adding substance and form to a border and can be underplanted or used as a backdrop to feature other contrasting plants to great effect.

By introducing plants with different foliage shapes, a long flowering period, fruiting potential and scent, you can extend the season well into late summer and autumn.

Formatively pruned in their early years and kept shaped to fulfil their role in your garden border, you can be assured that they will earn and not outgrow their allotted place in the garden.

The Joy of Anticipation

Aesculus parviflora

The bottlebrush buckeye, a large deciduous shrub with palmate leaves and panicles of white flowers with prominent red stamens; sometimes known as the Dwarf Horse Chestnut.

The Joy of Anticipation

Euonymus planipes

A member of the Spindle family, the small green flowers are followed by deep pink fruits which on ripening split open to reveal bright orange seeds – a striking sight against the autumnal foliage tints

The Joy of Anticipation

Escallonia laevis ‘Pink Elle’

This plant has been featured for its longevity of flower, continuing well into autumn; with its glossy evergreen foliage contrasting with large terminal racemes of pink flowers, it is a useful addition to the border and can be particularly effective as a hedging plant.

The Joy of Anticipation

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Limelight’

A robust upright shrub with cone-shaped panicles of pale green florets which fade to white and then become tinged with pink as they age, providing a delightful spectrum of colours from one plant.  ‘Little Lime’ is a similar smaller selection.

The Joy of Anticipation

Hebe ‘Purple Shamrock’

A dwarf variety of this popular evergreen shrub with interesting foliage of cream, green and purple, offset by the deep purple flowers which follow in late summer and continue into autumn.

The Joy of Anticipation

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