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Our horticulturalists share ideas, tips and inspiration to help you make the most of your garden whether you are managing a large estate, an allotment or a patio the size of a postage stamp! All the garden wisdom you need…

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Preparing your Garden for Wildlife this Winter

As the winter takes hold, our mornings get icy and evenings get darker, let's spare a thought for the wildlife of our back gardens. There are so many simple things we can do to help them Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

The not so Mellow Yellow story of the simple leaf

Many healthy plants can suddenly worry us as their healthy green leaves turn to a sickly looking yellow. The leaves of many plants can suddenly turn yellow and this may happen for a number of Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

Organic Compost – also known as Black Gold

Making your own compost from the ‘brown’ and ‘green’ waste generated from your garden and kitchen produces a valuable garden resource that can be used to improve soil structure; breaking up heavy clay soils to Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

Going Peat Free

The Natural Environment White Paper was published in 2011 by the coalition Government, following consultation with industry and interested parties. The top line targets were: Phase out peat by 2015 in the Government and the Read more »

  • Supporting herbaceous plants in the garden

To Stake Or Not To Stake ? A Guide On Supporting Perennials.

Early Summer is an exciting time of year; blossoms and buds have burst into life and herbaceous perennials are emerging from the soil, with their colourful, showy blooms ! With this in mind, all gardeners, whatever their level of Read more »

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