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Garden Wisdom

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Garden Wisdom

Our horticulturalists share ideas, tips and inspiration to help you make the most of your garden whether you are managing a large estate, an allotment or a patio the size of a postage stamp! All the garden wisdom you need…

  • Garden Wisdom

Timber in Gardens

Timber is used mostly in gardens for two things; furniture and construction. As a natural product, wood is sympathetic in a garden, compared to never-ending, red brick newbuilds which so often look glaring and Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

Such Stuff as Great Gardens are Made of

A healthy soil makes for a beautiful garden. Treat your garden to homemade garden compost each year and you will be richly rewarded. Composting is a natural process, which need not be complicated. Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

Armillaria (Honey Fungus) – Ignore it at Your Peril

I have visited many gardens this year and throughout the month of October, I am always on the lookout for clumps of honey brown mushrooms. Due to the summer, we have experienced, I Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

Creating an Animal Friendly Garden

When choosing plants for our gardens, consideration is usually given to visual attributes such as seasonal interest, foliage, flowers, fruit or fragrance, but little attention is paid to the toxic reaction that some Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

Autumn leaves

The colour of leaves come from pigments, natural substances made by the cells in the leaf. Chlorophyll makes the green colour of leaves and during the spring and summer the chlorophyll is working Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

Why Plant Now?

October is the perfect month for tree and hedge planting because temperatures remain well above freezing and the return to normal rainfall levels will allow good root systems to establish and settle before Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

Ornamental Trees Pt.3

This week Lorraine’s article is Part 3 of 3 and features another 6 plants from our large selection of Ornamental Trees which have been grown on the nursery and lovingly nurtured through the Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

Ornamental Trees Pt.2

This week Lorraine’s article is Part 2 of 3 and features 6 plants from our large selection of Ornamental Trees in our 35-litre pots which have been grown on the nursery and lovingly Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

Ornamental Trees

This week Lorraine’s article is Part 1 of 3 and features 6 plants from the large selection of Ornamental Trees in our 35-litre pots which have been grown on the nursery and lovingly Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

The Biology of Bark Pt.2

The bark of many of our native trees only develops their characteristic shapes and styles as they mature, a little bit like lines on a human face. These characteristics help us tell a Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

The Biology of Bark Pt.1

The ‘bark’ of a tree, in some ways, is similar to the skin of a human. Both regenerate and both offer protection from diseases and external attacks to the living tissue underneath. ‘Bark’ Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

British Native Trees

With the intense heat of the past couple of months beginning to wane, it is time to think about plant choices for Autumn. Hopefully the soil will have soon absorbed enough moisture to Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

Ornamental Grasses

This week we are looking at Ornamental Grasses, which can be used to great effect in many different situations from prairie-style planting schemes to stand alone specimens in gravel gardens or containers. With Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

Spotlight on Salvias

Salvia is the largest genus of plants in the mint family - Lamiaceae, which includes species of shrubs, herbaceous perennials and annuals.  Many will be familiar with the culinary herb Salvia officinalis - Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

Flowering Evergreen Plants

Evergreen plants are the ‘backbone’ of the garden providing structure, especially during the winter months, when deciduous plants are taking a much needed dormant break from their performance throughout the other seasons of Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

The Joy of Anticipation

This week we are featuring unusual shrubs which are budding up ready for their floriferous display later in the summer and into autumn. Shrubs play an important role in the garden by adding substance Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

Importance of Green in the Garden

With the abundance of a broad spectrum of colours in the garden this month, it is easy to overlook the importance of the colour green. Green merits more attention for its refreshing quality and different Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

Importance of Purple and Blue in the Garden

The importance of Purple and blue in the garden amongst other plants can’t be underestimated, they add a zing and a much needed extra coolness to a border, both in small groups or in Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

The Wonders of Wisteria

Spring has affirmed its arrival when the stunning blooms of Wisteria begin to unfurl and hang like fountains from their twining branches. Wisterias are strong growing, hardy, deciduous climbers in the legume family, (Fabaceae), Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

Jewels from japan

In their native habitats of Japan, China, Korea and Eastern Mongolia, these plants have been found growing at altitudes up to 1,100 metres, which has earned them the name of the Mountain Maple.  More commonly, Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

Preparing your Garden for Wildlife this Winter

As the winter takes hold, our mornings get icy and evenings get darker, let's spare a thought for the wildlife of our back gardens. There are so many simple things we can do to help them Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

The not so Mellow Yellow story of the simple leaf

Many healthy plants can suddenly worry us as their healthy green leaves turn to a sickly looking yellow. The leaves of many plants can suddenly turn yellow and this may happen for a number of Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

Organic Compost – also known as Black Gold

Making your own compost from the ‘brown’ and ‘green’ waste generated from your garden and kitchen produces a valuable garden resource that can be used to improve soil structure; breaking up heavy clay soils to Read more »

  • Garden Wisdom

Going Peat Free

The Natural Environment White Paper was published in 2011 by the coalition Government, following consultation with industry and interested parties. The top line targets were: Phase out peat by 2015 in the Government and the Read more »

  • Supporting herbaceous plants in the garden

To Stake Or Not To Stake ? A Guide On Supporting Perennials.

Early Summer is an exciting time of year; blossoms and buds have burst into life and herbaceous perennials are emerging from the soil, with their colourful, showy blooms ! With this in mind, all gardeners, whatever their level of Read more »

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