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Garden Maintenance

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Professional Garden Maintenance

Nicholsons have a thriving team of maintenance gardeners with garden renovation expert offering specialist advice. You can book a regular slot and we will try to send the same gardener each time but since we do offer year round care you may have a different gardener if your usual one is on holiday. We can plan a maintenance schedule for your garden and allocate the best staff for the job in hand. They will ensure that the garden continues to look at its best, and to make sure that none of the formative trimming and pruning is missed.

We can also arrange grass care, hedge trimming, pruning, tree planting and tree surgery, border maintenance and garden renovation.

Here are some frequently asked questions about Nicholsons garden maintenance but please contact us on 01869 340342  or email the team to discuss your garden or arrange a visit.

Enquire About Our Maintenance and Building Services

Garden Maintenance FAQs

What do you do with green waste from my garden? 2018-05-16T14:46:55+00:00

We encourage all clients to compost their green waste but we will take away 4 large bags of green waste free of charge. Trailers of waste will be charged for by weight and will be approximately £25-£70 +VAT per trailer load.

I need permission to remove a tree with a Tree Preservation Order on it can you help? 2015-08-23T12:52:18+00:00

Yes we can refer you to our arboricultural team who will arrange any necessary permissions and get the work done.

Can you fell a rotten tree? 2015-08-23T12:52:29+00:00

Yes we can safely remove dead and dangerous trees for you.

Do you know how to prune fruit trees? 2015-08-23T12:52:33+00:00

Yes we have RHS trained staff with a special interest in pruning and we also run our own in house training on all aspects of garden maintenance.

Can you help me train my roses up the wall of my house? 2015-08-23T12:52:39+00:00

We can attach climber wires and tie in roses or other climbing plants up to second floor height.

Can you trim my hedge? 2015-08-23T12:52:45+00:00

Yes we can trim high, wide and wayward hedges or keep neat precise hedges looking good with a regular trim. Our equipment enables us to trim hedges up to 3m in height.


My herbaceous borders are a mess! They need renovating, can you help? 2015-08-23T12:52:50+00:00

Yes we have a specialist in border restoration on the team. She will be happy to propose a course of action to bring the borders back under control and keep them that way. Contact Tammy Green e-mail or call 01869 340342 extn226 or mobile 07842 295665

Will I get stripes on the lawn? 2015-08-23T12:52:55+00:00

If stripes are required please let your gardener know and we will supply an appropriate mower and allocate sufficient time for this.

What kind of mower do you have? 2018-05-16T14:46:55+00:00

We have both manual and ride on mowers suitable for all grass areas.

Can you supply plants and sundries? 2015-08-23T12:20:52+00:00

Yes and these will be invoiced along with the maintenance costs each month.

Do you supply your own tools? 2015-08-23T12:20:01+00:00

Yes. We supply tools as required as part of the cost except ride on lawn mowers. We are happy to use your existing mower for grass areas or can bring our own mower at an additional cost of £65+VAT per full day.

How do I pay for the maintenance? 2018-03-27T09:17:42+00:00

We will invoice at the end of each month. All invoices are to be paid within 14 days of the date of the invoice.

Do I pay for travel time? 2015-08-23T12:18:57+00:00

Yes. From our base at North Aston to your property.

What hours do you work? 2015-08-23T12:17:09+00:00

We work 7.30-4.30 but you will need to allow travel time from our base at North Aston to the property as part of that time.

I have a dog is that OK? 2015-08-23T12:16:05+00:00

Yes. Ideally your dog will be in a secure pen or in the house while we work and you will have cleared any poop from the garden before we arrive.

What happens if I am not in when you visit? 2015-08-23T12:15:16+00:00

That’s no problem. Whether you are happy to let the gardener let himself in via a side access or you want to give keys/gate codes to Jane. Any keys are kept locked in a dedicated locked key cabinet at Nicholsons for safety and will only be used by your allocated gardener on the days they visit.

If you have special instructions for your gardener you can either leave a note for them or contact Nicholsons beforehand and we will pass a message onto the gardener.

Will I always have the same gardener? 2015-08-23T12:14:40+00:00

As far as possible, yes. We may need to send another gardener if your regular one is on holiday but we will ensure that they know what is to be done and have been to the property beforehand.

Do you do one off visits? 2015-08-23T12:14:10+00:00

Yes we can. Contact Tammy Green on e-mail or call 01869 340342 extn226 or mobile 07842 295665 if you do need a one off visit and she will see if she has staff available for you.

Who do I need to contact to arrange regular maintenance? 2018-03-27T09:15:52+00:00

For information on costs and advice please contact Jane Ball on 01869 340342 ext. 226 or you can email

How often do you visit? 2018-05-16T14:46:55+00:00

As often as you need! We prefer to have regular clients as this means our gardeners are familiar with the garden and the jobs that need doing

How much does it cost to have my garden designed? 2018-03-27T09:13:09+00:00

It’s hard to say how much Design Fees will be as each garden is different. However, we are very transparent in our charging of Design time and on larger projects will give fee proposals up-front following a site visit. On smaller jobs or where you are seeking Planting Design within existing defined areas, we typically charge on an hourly rate. Do give a call to see which service would suit you best and how we might help – or 01869 340342 ext. 231

Contact Our Garden Maintenance Team

  •    01869 340342


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