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Design Wisdom

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Design Wisdom

Home of our garden design team’s online journal, sharing inspiration, tips and tricks, lessons and discoveries …

  • Design Wisdom

RHS Chelsea 2018 Inspiration

The Wedgwood Garden Jo Thompson Jo Thompson designed a garden inspired by the patterns and colours of Wedgwood pottery to beautiful effect. Pale yellow creates a lovely juxtaposition between purple, in turn Read more »

  • Design Wisdom

Alfresco Dining with Rosara

A country girl at heart, the month of May found me atypically dotting in and out of our lovely city of London visiting high-profile architects, seeing Hamilton and, of course, my favourite, an evening Read more »

  • Design Wisdom

Paradise – A Garden Design Case Study

Deriving from the Persian, pairi-daeza, (or paradise) literally means “around walls”. Since the very origins of civilisation, the gardens created in these enclosed spaces have been regarded as places of refuge, beauty & meditation. Read more »

  • Design Wisdom

Out and about in the garden

What’s flowering now? I love this time of year - gorgeous flowers popping open all over the place, some things only just breaking into leaf, like the Cercis Forest Pansy in my garden. Tiny, glossy Read more »

  • Design Wisdom

All in the detail: Decorating your garden this Winter

It's all in the detail... When we think about winter gardening and how to make the garden look better we tend to focus on the plants and the border structure, which is clearly the most Read more »

  • Design Wisdom

Wildlife in the Garden

Wildlife Gardening: Winter is upon us and our gardens are being stripped back to the bare bones! It is the perfect time to consider how you can make your garden more wildlife friendly… Wildlife gardening Read more »

  • Design Wisdom

Fill your garden with colour this Autumn

Autumn is delicious. It makes me think of pumpkin soup, chilly walks, mulled cider, and the first few evenings by the log burner… I sometimes wonder if autumn colours occur purely to brighten up the Read more »

  • Design Wisdom

The Naughty Side of Garden Design

Another week and another garden plan with details bearing a striking resemblance to reproductive organs… male, female, internal and external.   Either designers’ have subconsciously fertile minds, or there’s a little bit of nudge-nudge wink-wink Read more »

  • Design Wisdom

Flowering Shrubs

There are so many flowering shrubs available, that it’s easy to find a colour or form for any situation or position. Sometimes, it’s difficult to decide between all of the options, so here are five Read more »

  • Design Wisdom

Trees and Shrubs with Unusual Bark

Cornus varieties: There are so many varieties of Cornus that hold their own in the winter time, regardless of being deciduous. They seem to be the best genus for vibrant colourful bark, so here are Read more »

  • Design Wisdom

Topiary: Thinking Outside The Box

It is widely accepted that Box and Yew are the ultimate plants for formal hedging and topiary, but are they really? Occasionally there are issues with using Box—to start with it can get Box blight, Read more »

  • Design Wisdom

Beautiful Blossom

Prunus Pink Perfection: This is such a gorgeous flowering cherry. Profuse deep-pink buds opening to candyfloss-pink frilly, double flowers in drooping clusters in spring. It’s a perfect tree for a small garden and has the Read more »

  • Design Wisdom

Trees, Shrubs and Hedging for Screening

It seems that in nearly every garden we work in, the client needs some sort of screening somewhere in the garden. Whether it’s an urban garden needing privacy from neighbours, a country garden that needs Read more »

  • Hamamelis during the winter

Shrubs With Winter Interest

Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Jelena’: This is one of my favourite shrubs. There is nothing more magical than seeing a mass of these fiery, spindly little flowers in the dead of winter, lighting up a naked, Read more »

  • Malus Everest

The Perfect Trees For Small Gardens

Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’: At the moment, my absolute favourite tree is Cercis Forest Pansy. This small tree is beautiful throughout spring, summer and autumn. It has delicate pink flowers that emerge on bare branches Read more »

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