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Garden Design Ideas

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Garden Design Ideas

What happens when you are brimming full of ideas for your new garden, but need to turn it into a reality? You have this outdoor space full of potential but you face challenges, whether it’s converting a narrow city balcony into a miniature urban retreat or a seven acre wild paddock into a series of cohesive garden rooms.

Our garden design team has years of experience of creating magical outdoor spaces with all their associated challenges, and here they share with you the practical considerations that they incorporate into their designs on a daily basis.

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British Native Trees

With the intense heat of the past couple of months beginning to wane, it is time to think about plant choices for Autumn. Hopefully the soil will have soon absorbed enough moisture to Read more »

  • Garden Design Ideas

No Bones About it: Winter Garden Design

Is your garden lacking a back bone? Please read on….Now is the perfect time to assess your garden and see where the gaps are and how things could be improved. As we move towards Read more »

  • Garden Design Ideas

Inspiration From Chelsea : Tina’s Photo Journal

Despite being incredibly busy launching our lovely new brand Rosara, we still managed to pay a visit to Chelsea Flower Show. One of our garden designers and main bloggers, Tina James took some photographs of Read more »

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Kitchen Garden Design

Memories of my undergraduate agricultural lecturer teaching me about the Norfolk Four Course have never left me – the first principle of good kitchen gardening. This principle was developed in Britain by Charles Townshend in Read more »

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Water In The Garden

Reflection Sound and Movement On many garden designers’ checklist, when talking to the client for the first time, will be the question of whether the client wants to have water in the garden. Natural water Read more »

  • Garden Design Ideas

Designing for Small Gardens

Smaller garden spaces offer a greater design challenge but the owner will surely reap the rewards as the space can be maximised to give all year round colour and interest. Views are contained, detail can Read more »

  • Garden Design Ideas

Sculpture In The Garden

The use of sculpture in the garden can add exciting drama to the landscape. Placement is everything, no matter the piece, and thought should be given to the following: The piece should sit well in Read more »

  • Garden Design Ideas

Woodland Inspired Planting

If you are lucky enough to have a woodland area on your property then nature has been generous and presented you with a lovely area for a more relaxed and informal planting style than you Read more »

  • Garden Design Ideas

Designing for Large Gardens

It is many people’s dream to own a large garden. These gardens can indeed enhance a property and provide a very pleasant environment to while away the hours outdoors, either leisurely lounging on a sun-terrace Read more »

  • Garden Design Ideas

Plants for Shady Gardens

There are so many plants that brighten up a shady spot, and enough varieties to fill a border engulfed in shadow! A shady garden doesn’t need to be boring and lifeless – there are Read more »

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Garden Lighting

Subtle garden lighting can be a thing of beauty as well as practicality and has so many possible applications. One of my first considerations is always the front of house and parking area, coming Read more »

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