Christmas At Nicholsons Price List

For the second year running, we are teaming up with the Oxford Christmas Company to improve our Christmas offering. Here are all the prices that you need to be aware of over the Christmas period.


4ft Nordman Fir 125 – 150cm £42.5
5ft Nordman Fir 150 – 180cm £50
6ft Nordman Fir 180 – 210cm £60
7ft Nordman Fir 210 – 240cm £70
8ft Nordman Fir 240 – 270cm £96
9ft Nordman Fir 270 – 300cm £140
All trees will come with an instruction sheet

Tree Set-Up Service

4ft set-up 125cm – 150cm £10
5ft set-up 150cm – 180cm £12.5
6ft set-up 180cm – 210cm £15
7ft set-up 210cm – 240cm £17.5
8ft set-up 225cm – 240cm £20
9ft set-up 270cm – 300cm £25.5

Delivery service

All trees in Oxfordshire only £7.5
Accessories – courier £5.95

Tree collection service in Oxfordshire only
(Mon 8th Jan 2018)

4ft – 8ft trees £35
9ft – 12ft trees £45


Angel Wings wreath 60cm £64.95
Frosty Morning wreath 65cm £69.95
White Wild Asparagus wreath 45cm £62.95
Anthrosite Wild Asparagus wreath 45cm £62.95

Late Openings

We will be opening late on Thursday’s 7th and 14th of December, until 7pm

Christmas Price List
Christmas Price List
Christmas Price List